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The press department of Nakhchivan State University was established in 2009 on the basis of the Press-service of the university which had been functioning since 2000.

The press department plays the coordinating role between the university and mass-media. The main objective of the press department is to get operative information about innovations in the sphere of science and education, scientific, cultural-mass events, construction works, participation of the university staff in the international conferences and symposiums, their speeches in the organs of foreign press, new editions, cultural and sports events at Nakhchivan State University and lighten it. The pres staff and the student journalists accompany the visits of the university representatives and the tours of the culture collectives abroad and the participation of the sport teams in the international competitions and publish their impressions in the press. Artistic-publicistic writings and essays on the visits of different staff of the university to the cities of Igdir, Qars, Elazig, Kochaeli of Turkey, the cities of  Tabriz, Urmiya of Iran, the cities of Moscow and Novosibirsk of Russia prove it once again

The department provides contact of the university staff  with the press department and publishes their popular-scientific articles and artistic-publicistic writings in the  press. So the press department meets the requirements of the press organs to the scientific and educational information and takes an active part in delivering the tempo of the development of national science and education to the mass. In 2007 the members of the press department Seyyid Sura and Mehriban Sultan were awarded the honorary decrees of Nakhchivan State University and Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic in the 40th jubilee celebrations of the university for management of press service and for services in the upbringing of young generation.

The press department was well-equipped with information communication technologies-computers, printers, fax apparatus and cameras for its operative and professional activity.

The press department has subscribed to the different periodicals since 2009. The department is regularly provided with international and central periodicals by the rectorate of the university. “The press corner” has been established in the department and it provides conditions for the university staff and students to get acquainted with daily press and materials connected with the university.

Electronic photo-archives reflecting the history and activity of the university has been organized in the department and these photo archives is used to prepare the editions, photo-stands and slides connected with the different structural sections of the university.

The press department is also one of the reliable sources for students who study bachelor and master degrees on journalism to have their practice.

The chief of the press department is Seadet Ali qizi Aliyeva.

Tel: (office) (+994 36) 545-49-04