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A new progressive way began in the life of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic after Azerbaijan gained its independence for the second time. One of the most leading lanes of  development is related to involvement of foreign students in our University. In November, 1992  the first admission of foreign students was the citizens of neighnouring Republic of Turkey. The admission of 12 people was based on the contract signed between  related bodies of Turkey and Ministry of Education of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with initiative of our national leader, prominent statesman Heydar Aliyev who was the chairman of Supreme Majlis of  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic at that time.


Dean’s office for foreign students was established in 1998. Dean’s office arranges its work on the relevant  regulations and instructions.


Dean for foreign  students –  Ph.Doctor on philalogy, assistant professor Jeyran Manaf gizi Guliyeva

The duties of dean’s office are as follows;


1. the organization of foreign students’ education and practice together with relevant departments of higher school.
2. The admission of foreign students and their settlement in students’ dormitory, the organization of all rules and  normative acts and  their immediate implementation  considered for foreign students and arrangement to follow the very rules.
3. Admission of foreign students to the higher school,  their passing from course to course, preparation of order bills about  students’ graduation and proscription from the higher school, the issue of exam  papers and deliveries.
4. Leadership on preparation department for foreign  students
5. Arrangement of foreign master-course  and post-graduate students’ scientific work  efficiently and organizing the defense of dissertation  according  to the present instructions
6. Choice of  professor-teacher staff busy with foreign students’, master-course and post-graduate students’ education and practice
7. Organization of cultural-massive, international and local level events with foreign students
8. Organization of foreign students’ medical service and  regulation of their medical registration
9. To keep close relations with the students of higher school
10. To take the relevant measures about the students who broke the discipline of the lesson and abiding rules, as well as, their remaining in the course repeatedly, or to give the surrender of documents to the directory about the student’s proscription from the higher school
11. To raise the quality of work carried out with foreign students, to  prepare proposals and solicit  for improvement of  the methodical material-technical base, everyday conditions.
12. To present the reports and accounts  about the foreign students  to the central administrative organ of education in confirmed form