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1.1. Admission of international students and those who have no citizenship to the universities of Azerbaijan is implemented within:

intergovernmental agreements, cultural and scientific cooperation plans between Azerbaijan and foreign countries;

Agreements signed between educational establishments and public organizations of foreign countries;

1.2. Study of international students at the state expense may be implemented within student exchange agreements between university and education establishments of foreign countries based on the notification from the ministry, committee and head of establishment that the relevant institution is subordinated to.

1.3. At the state universities the tution fee for all kinds of education of overseas students is defined and approved by the Ministry of Education in accordance with proposals of universities.

1.4. The foreigners permanently living in Azerbaijan and stateless persons have the same educational right afforded to Azerbaijani citizens. According to the laws of Azerbaijan and international treaties to which Azerbaijan is a party, tution fees are chargeable on other foreigners and stateless persons.

1. 5. According to the laws of Azerbaijan and international treaties to which Azerbaijan is a party,the tution fees for foreigners graduated from secondary schools of Azerbaijan and received relevant document on education and etmporary living in the country are chargable.

1.6. The foreigners and stateless persons can be admitted to the relevant university after submitting a state document on the comletionof language preparation courses at the education institutions of Azerbaijan.

1.7. Lessons at training courses are carried out by preparation courses. International students having the educational document accepted in Azerbaijan can be enrolled to the preparation courses. At the end of the course, they are taking final exams and those, who overtake the exam, will get a certificate.

1.8. Foreign students who get the right to get the education on the fee-paid basis sign contract with the educational institution according to the Annex to this Regulation.

1.9. The curriculums for international students are held at secondary schools defined by the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic by taking into consideration age limits for Azerbaijan schools.

1.10 Foreigners and stateless persons, whose level of preparation is relevant to the Bachelor’s degree level, are admitted to the Master’s degree level of universities by meeting the demands of existing rules.
International students received bachelor’s degree at overseas universities may be admitted to the Master’s degree level via an externship after taking an exam on language knowledge.    

1.11. Admission to the postgraduate study is conducted by universities in accordance with existing rules.

1.12. Foreigners and stateless persons have courses on probation, improvement of professional skill and re-training at universities of the Azerbaijan Republic in accordance with existing rules.

1.13. To study at universities in Azerbaijan foreigners must introduce the following documents:

  • Application addressed to the head of the educational institution;
  • Notarized copy (copies) of document (documents) on education (subjects and marks in them);
  • Certificates on health and AIDS;
  • Copy of national passport, birth certificate for persons under the age of 18;
  • autobiography;
  • 8 photos (3x4sm. size)