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The following amounts of fees for the foreign students are planned to be paid from 1 december 2017 academic year:

I. Preparation course - 800 USD

Teacher of mathematics
Teacher of physics
Teacher of mathematics and information science
Teacher of chemistry
Teacher of biology
Teacher of geography
Soil Science
Engineering of electro-energetics
Engineering of the means of ground based transport
Engineering of the transport and economy of railway
Information technologies
Engineering of the construction of economy of water and land reclamation
Engineering of the ecology
Engineering of the geology
Geodetic and mapping
State and municipal management
Tourism and hotel service
Social work
Teacher of technology
Teacher of physical education and pre-conscription training
Physical training and sports
Teacher of history
Teacher of Azerbaijan language and literature
Library science and information
Museum management, archives work and protecting of the monuments
International relations
Teacher of French
Teacher of English
Teacher of German
Teacher of Russian
Translation (English azerbaijan languages)
Translation (Arabian –Azerbaijan languages)
Translation (Persian– Azerbaijan languages)
Accountancy and calculation
World economy
Medical Prophylaxis
Music science
National musical instruments performing
Instrumental performing (piano)
Instrumental performing (string instruments)
Instrumental performing (instruments of breath)
Solo singing
Teacher of music
Teacher of descriptive art


Teacher of mathematics 1200 USD
Teacher of physics 1200 USD
Teacher of mathematics and information science 1200 USD
Physics 1200 USD
Teacher of chemistry 1200 USD
Teacher of biology 1200 USD
Teacher of geography 1200 USD
Veterinary 1200 USD
Soil Science 1200 USD
Engineering of electro-energetics 1200 USD
Engineering of the means of ground based transport 1200 USD
Engineering of the transport and economy of railway 1200 USD
Information technologies 1200 USD
Engineering of the construction of economy of water and land reclamation 1200 USD
Engineering of the ecology 1200 USD
Engineering of the geology 1200 USD
Geodetic and mapping 1200 USD
Law 2000 USD
State and municipal management 1200 USD
Tourism and hotel service 1200 USD
Social work 1200 USD
Teacher of technology 1200 USD
Teacher of physical education and pre-conscription training 1200 USD
Physical training and sports 1200 USD
Teacher of history 1200 USD
Teacher of Azerbaijan language and literature 1200 USD
Journalism 1200 USD
Library science and information 1200 USD
Museum management, archives work and protecting of the monuments 1200 USD
International relations 1500 USD
Teacher of French 1200 USD
Teacher of English 1200 USD
Teacher of German 1200 USD
Teacher of Russian 1200 USD
Translation (English azerbaijan languages) 1200 USD
Translation (Arabian –Azerbaijan languages) 1200 USD
Translation (Persian– Azerbaijan languages) 1200 USD
Economy 1200 USD
Accountancy and calculation 1200 USD
World economy 1200 USD
Management 1200 USD
Treatment 2000 USD
Medical Prophylaxis 2000 USD
Pharmacology 2000 USD
Stomatology 2000 USD
Music science 1200 USD
National musical instruments performing 1200 USD
Instrumental performing (piano) 1200 USD
Instrumental performing (string instruments) 1200 USD
Instrumental performing (instruments of breath) 1200 USD
Solo singing 1200 USD
Composing 1200 USD
Conducting 1200 USD
Acting 1200 USD
Teacher of music 1200 USD
Teacher of descriptive art 1200 USD

III. Master’s level:

Teacher of Azerbaijan language and literature 1500 USD
Philology 1500 USD
Teacher of history
Journalism 1500 USD
Library science and information 1500 USD

Museum management, archives workand protectin

of the monuments

 1500 USD
Pedagogy 1500 USD
Teacher of technology 1500 USD
Physical training and sports 1300 USD
International relations 2000 USD
Teacher of foreign language (on languages)
 1300 USD
Law 2000 USD
State and municipal management 1400 USD
Tourism and hotel service 1400 USD
Social work 1300 USD
Accounting and auditing 1300 USD
 1500 USD
World economy 1500 USD
Management 1300 USD
Teacher of mathematics 1300 USD
Teacher of physics 1300 USD
Teacher of information science 1500 USD
Teacher of chemistry 1300 USD
Teacher of biology 1400 USD
Teacher of geography 1500 USD
Veterinary 1000 USD
 1500 USD
Teacher of music
 1500 USD
Solo singing 1300 USD
Composing 1300 USD
Acting 1300 USD
Art Studies 1300 USD
Music Studies 1300 USD
Instrumental performing 1300 USD
Teacher of descriptive art 1300 USD


 1500 USD
Information technologies 1500 USD

Engineering of the construction of

economy of water and land reclamation

 1300 USD
Engineering of the transport and economy of railway 1500 USD
Engineering of the means of ground based transport 1300 USD
Engineering of electro-energetics 1300 USD
Pharmacology 1500 USD


III. Doctor’s level: 1500 USD

Architecture theory and history, monuments restoration and reconstruction
The Economy
General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education
Music art
Social philosophy
General philosophy
Analysis and functional analysis
Theory and methodology of education and upbringing
General history
IV. Doctor’s level: 3500 USD
     Anesteziologiya və reanimatologiya
     General surgery
     Cardiovascular surgery
     Midwife gynecology
     Infectious Diseases
     Pathology anatomy
     Social hygiene and health organization
     Laboratory work
Annual fees may be changed within the existing rules by the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic and the university administration.