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  It has been registered in the Ministry of   
     Education of the Azerbaijan Republic

 C O N T R A C T  №

The city of Nakhchivan                                                  “____” _____________ 201_ 

As the rector of the Nakhchivan State University Doctor of biological sciences, professor Saleh Heydar oghlu Maharramov as one side and the citizen of _______________  who is going to be called as a foreign listener from now on as the second side prepare a contract of the following content:

1. The higher school undertakes preparing the foreign citizen as an expert in the specialty of _____________ on the basis of corresponding education programs.

After finishing the preparation faculty for international students the foreign citizen transfers the sum defined by the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic ___________AZN to the treasury of the higher school through a bank for admission to the first year.

2. The higher school binds to do the followings:

  • to provide conducting  the lessons according to the adequate education programs and at a high scientific-methodical level
  • provides the overseas students with the same rights as for Azerbaijani students to use libraries, sports complexes, health care
  • An international student (of bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees) after graduating successfully is provided with a sate document – a diploma, showing his profession and degree.
  • The higher school does not take the responsibility of recognition of the international student’s diploma  by the country the student  belongs to
  • The international student is helped to get entry and exit visas within the law of the Azerbaijan Republic
  • The higher school does not pay the expenses connected with the student’s stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan, passport registration, getting a visa, going to his country and coming back as well as the student’s trips in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

3.The international student undertakes to do the followings:

  • The foreign student submits the documents according to the charter of the Ministry of the Education of the Azerbaijan Republic about the preparation faculty for international students
  • The overseas student must not miss classes without permission and should pass all the course papers, preliminary tests and tests required by the education programs in time.
  • If a foreign student cannot enter the next course he must repay for that same course he is in.
  • The foreign student follows the internal rules of the educational institution, does not let the property of the institution be spoiled, and pays for the damage caused by him.
  • The foreign student continues the whole education period on the fee-paid basis.

4. The  higher school has got the right of annulling the contract made with the student in the following cases:

  • When higher school discipline is demoralized roughly, when the fee is not paid in the determined time, when a foreign student commits a crime
  • When the rules of the foreign student’s stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan are demoralized.

5. In cases when a foreign student cannot continue or does not want to continue his study for some justifiable or unjustifiable reasons or he is excluded from the university the fee paid is not given back.

6. The questions connected with the demoralization of the terms of the contract are settled by means of talks.

  • In special situations the case is dealt with by the Court of Arbitration.

7. The order about the student’s admission is issued in the course of twenty days after the fee is paid to the bank account and the contract is signed.

8. Certificates and other documents to the foreign citizen are given in the language he studies in and in a definite form.

9. The amendments and additions connected with the contract are only fulfilled in written form and come into force after being signed by both sides.

10. The contract is presented to the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic by the higher school not later than ten days it is signed and comes into force on the day it is registered here.

11. The contract has been made p and signed in triplicate. All the three contracts have got the same legal force. One copy of the contract is kept at the higher school; the foreign citizen has got the second copy, while the third one is kept in the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The rector:                                                              The foreign student: