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The postgraduate course in Nakhchivan State University was established according to the decree № 25 of the Study of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic dated to August 18, 1991.  In 2010 the postgraduate course was changed into the department of Doctor’s level.

Preparation of high-qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres in Azerbaijan Republic are prepared by means of the highest level of higher education – the department of Doctor’s level which is completed by issuing scientific degrees (philosophical doctor and doctor of sciences).

Education in the department of Doctor’s level is conducted according to the programs of philosophical doctor and doctor of sciences. This type of education is fulfilled full time (being discontinued) and part time (without giving up work).

Higher education institutions and scientific organizations carrying out the education the education of doctor’s level realize the preparation of cadres through a candidate for a degree, as well.

Education in the department of Doctor’s level is carried out at the state expense or on the fee-paid basis.
According to Ph.D. program the duration of doctoral studies for full time candidates is 3 years, for correspondent candidates 4 years and by way of dissertation 4 years.  

According to Doctor of Sciences program the of doctoral studies for full- time candidates is 4 years, for correspondent candidates - 5 years and by way of dissertation  5 years.

During its existence the postgraduate course has closely helped the other higher schools and scientific-research institutions in preparation of specialists with scientific degrees.