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The Dissertation Council in Nakhchivan State University was established in 1997. In the first period of this thesis council dissertations on candidate’s degree on the Azerbaijani language and literature have been defended. In the next period the structure and scope of the council widened, the history of the native land, the theory and history of pedagogic were also added.

Currently is available operating FD02122 and FD02121 Dissertation councils in the Nakhchivan State University.. Not only the scientists of the university but also the experts from the scientific and educational institutions of Baki were included in the structure of the council, headed by the rector of the university, professor Saleh Maharramov.

Defence of the dissertation for PhD on the following specialties is carried out in the thesis council: 2413.01-Entomology, 2429.01-Parasitology, 5716.01-Azerbaijan literature, 5718.01-World literature, 5706.01-Azerbaijan language, 6213.01-Music art.

Up to now more than 150 investigators defended dissertations to get the scientific degree of philosophical doctor. Also more than 20 investigators’ defence for getting the scientific degree of doctor of sciences was organized by means of the entry of additional experts.