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Foreigners and persons having no citizenship in  Azerbaijan   have the right to get education  in the doctorates  and through the candidate for a degree. It is implemented  on the basis of agreements    by juridical  and    civil  persons corresponding to the international agreement  supported by the Azerbaijan Republic.

Doctoral and Candidate for degree education  of foreigners  and the persons without citizenship  is carried out  on the basis  of payment. Annual education fee is defined  by the  dependent organization  corresponding to the features of education  of the scientific organization. 

According  to the agreement of the organization  with the dependent institution  free  education  may be carried  out exceptionally. For foreigners  who studied abroad  and persons  without citizenship  the notarized copy of diploma  and recognition certificate must be introduced.

Foreigners and persons  having no citizenships  must take exam  on “Azerbaijan language “ during the education   in the doctorates or through the candidate for a degree.

The admission  and registration of foreigners and persons having no citizenships  to the doctorates in the higher education institutions , as well as, the education is carried out  corresponding to valid legislation and standards.