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Extra higher education is implemented by correspondence in some faculties of NSU. The organization of extra education is carried out corresponding to “The Rules on the content, organization of extra education and conferring a relevant document to the person who studied in any direction of the extra education“, confirmed by the decree No 163 of the Minister Cabinet of the Azerbaijan Republic dated to September  6, 2010. Admission of documents is carried out after the relevant advertisement is issued in the press. 

Those whose previous higher education and the current position(with more than a year’s experience) is suitable to the speciality he/she chose, can relevantly apply for extra education.   After the admission of documents the concerning commission checks up the documents whether they are relevant to regulations or not, and makes up a decision on their participation in the competition. The candidate are interviewed on their speciality. Successful candidates are admitted to the courses.    Extra higher education is given  on the basis of teaching plans prepared according to the current standards and confirmed.

Extra higher education is implemented on the following specialities:
  • Teacher of the Azerbaijan language  and literature
  • Teacher of history
  • Teacher of mathematics and computer science
  • Teacher of Biology
  • Teacher of Chemistry
  • Engineering of information technology and systems
  • İnternational relations
  • Teacher of foreign language (English)
  • Law studies
  • Economy
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Music studies