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The “Scientific Works” journal has been published since 1997. This journal was included into the official registration list by the  Supreme Attestation Commission attached to the President  of  the Azerbaijan  Republic.  All series of the journal have received international standart seria Number (I.S.S.N).

“Scientific Works” journal has got four series:
“Humanitarian sciences”,
“ Social sciences”,
“ Natural and medical sciences”,
“ Physico-mathematical and technical sciences”
The journal is published on each seria at least, two times a year.

The journal publishes the articles of the university staff and  scientists and young researchers of the Autonomous Republic,  and also the articles  by the authors of different scientific-educational institutions of Azerbaijan, all well as, the articles by the authoritative scientists of some foreign countries.

The  editor-in-chief of the journal “ Scientific Works “ is the rector of NSU, professor Saleh Maharramov.