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“Heidar Aliyev University” was established by the decision of NSU Academic Council dated to March 06, 1997. The university is fruitfully functioning as a political-spiritual and educational institution in the field of training the ideological aspects of our independent statehood to the youth on the scientific grounds. At the first meeting of this new statehood school held on April 5, 1997, Vassif Talibov, the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic made a speech on the topic “Heidar Aliyev’s life and activity is a university” and the Chairman defined the objectives of this political training school.

There have been held 152 activities during the functioning of “Heidar Aliyev University” and great scientists made speeches on different topics:

Academician Ali Abbasov - “Heidar Aliyev and the development problems of communication technologies in Azerbaijan”.
Academician Budag Budagov - “Heidar Aliyev and Azerbaijan nature”.
The vice-chairman of the Azerbaijan Parliament deputy Ziyafet Askerov- “Heidar Aliyev and legal state in Azerbaijan”.
Academician “Issa Habibbeyly –“Heidar Aliyev and the Azerbaijanism ideology”.
Academician Ismayil Hajiyev - “Heidar  Aliyev and  the historical problems of Azerbaijan  ”
Academician Ziyad Samedzadeh - “Heidar Aliyev and Azerbaijan economy”.
Academician Bakir Nabiyev - “Heidar Aliyev and Azerbaijan Literature”.
Academician Rassim Efendiyev - “Heidar Aliyev and the Azerbaijan art”.
The Corresponding member of the Academy of National Sciences of Azerbaijan Yagub Mahmudov - “Heidar Aliyev and the democratic elections in Azerbaijan”.
Professor Husseyn Ahmadov - “Heidar Aliyev and the national enlightenment”.

At “Heidar Aliyev University” the ambassadors of several foreign countries to Azerbaijan delivered lectures about the life and political activity and the relations of our national leader with their countries.

The lectures delivered by the ambassadors of Japan, China, South Korea, Egypt, Poland, Hungary, Russian Federation and other countries at “Heidar Aliyev University” were listened to with great interest. “Heidar Aliyev University” functioning successfully within the university comprises video-diary and a library.