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The Student Theatre Studio was organized on social grounds. The first performance of the studio was “Beyrak’s Fortune” by the writer, literary critic Kemal Abdulla in 1999. It was dedicated to the 1300 jubilee of epos ”Kitabi Dede Gorgud”. The play was successfully performed in several cities of Turkey and won the first prize at the International Festival in Bayburt, Turkey. In the same year the studio staged the musical-literary show “May our president live 100!” dedicated to our national leader Heidar Aliev and the performance was welcomed greatly.

The performance “The Turks’ Ataturk” staged on the basis of the plays by Turkish dramatist Turan Oflazoglu was successfully demonstrated not only in Nakhchivan but also in several regions of Turkey.

The studio staged the great dramatist Jalil Mmmmadguluzade’s “Mother’s Book”. The play won the sympathy of audience not only in the NAR but also in several cities of Turkey. In 2009 on the eve of the 100th jubilee of “The Dead” by Mirza Jalil the studio staged this unfading tragicomedy. The play was shown in the city of Nakhchivan and in all regions of the NAR.

Moreover, the members of the studio take active part at the cultural-social events and at some occasional ceremonies.

In 2011 the university began training specialists on the “Acting profession” Organization of the “Theatre and Culture studies” chair strengthened the creative potential of the “Student Theatre Studio”.

The studio is headed by Gulkhara Manaf kizi Ahmedova, head of the ”Theatre and Culture studies” and Honoured Culture Worker of the Azerbaijan Republic.