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Ernest Hemingway Center at Nakhvhivan State University was established in May 2002 year. In May, 2003 there was held an international scientific conference dedicated to the life and creativity of Ernest Hemingway.

The USA representative professor Harry Lepinsky, Osman Demirdogan, professor of Erzurum Ataturk University, Burju Jandan, professor of Istanbul Ataturk University, the staff of the Chair of  “Journalism and World Literature” of NSU, as well as, the students on English specialty of International Relations and Foreign languages department and the students of the Azerbaijan Language and literature, and journalism specialty of History-philology department reported at that international conference. In the well-organized conference the reports on the famous writer, Nobel Prize laureate Ernest Hemingway’s life and activity were delivered, slides were demonstrated, the survey was held among the students, and finally, at the end of the conference the film which was produced in the USA and reflected the life and creativity of Ernest Hemingway, was demonstrated. Professor Harry Lepinsky presented the prominent writer’s books in English, as well as, the articles about him published in the USA press at different times to the Ernest Hemingway Center at NSU.

Academician Issa Habibbayly visited America in the fall of 2003, he also visited Ernest Hemingway’s House Museum in Oak-Park and made a report on the theme “Hemingway and Azerbaijan”at the symposium organized at Ernest Hemingway’s Scientific-Research Center and gave information about Ernest Hemingway Center at NSU. At the symposium the director of Ernest Hemingway’s House Museum, professor Red Griffe expressed his gratitude to the academician Issa Habibbayly for his services for getting the writer’s life and activity recognized. Issa Habibbayly presented E. Hemingway’s book “For Whom The Bell Tolls” published in the Azerbaijan language to E.Hemingway Center. After his visit academician Issa Habibbayly enriched the fund of Ernest Hemingway Center at NSU by presenting a number of books and journals related to the writer and bought on his own initiative.

Some representatives of the academic staff of NSU – Anar Kazimov, Khumar Mammadova, Yussif Safarov visited Ernest Heminway House Museum in the Oak-Park at different times.

In 2005 the next conference which reflected the life and activity of Ernest Hemingway was organized at NSU. At the conference participated academic staff of the university and the USA scientists.

In 2011 a scientific conference on the topic “Human and time in the great American writer Ernest Hemingway’s creativity” was held on the academician Issa Habibbayly’s initiative and reports on the prominent writer’s creativity, stories and investigation of Turkish world in his creativity were delivered.

Academician Issa Habibbayly got the great writer’s books published not only in the USA, but also in different countries of the world and in different languages and presented them to the Ernest Hemingway Center at NSU.

NSU television studio produced a film “Ernest Hemingway” in English on the academician Issa Habibbayly’s recommendation. The script writer of the film is Ph Doctor on philosophy, professor-assistant Khumar Mammadova.

The postgraduate of NSU Susanbar Aghamaliyeva defended a thesis on “Ernest Hemingway and East” by using mainly materials collected at Ernest Hemingway Center.

Ernest Hemingway Center at NSU is also functioning as a museum. The Center demonstrates a number of interesting photos which reflect specific points of the great writer’s life and creativity, rare documents, and biographical materials. It is also used as an auditorium for world literature lectures.