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South Korean Center at Nakhchivan State University was established on November 11, 2011. The opening ceremony was attended by academician Issa Habibbayly, Li Chi Han, the ambassador of South Korean Republic to Azerbaijan, Mrs. Sung Aj Kong, rector of the South Korean Kimchong University, Hee Chun, head of the International relations department and his assistant David K.H.Lee.

The state attributes of Korea, national music instruments, as well as, scientific-political literatures and electronic information devices which reflect the history, national culture, literature, higher education structure of the country were collected in the South-Korean Center. Provision of the Center with modern information technologies, encyclopedia in the Korean language, dictionaries and other information publications is always paid special attention.

The University of Rinq Chinq of South Korea presented equipments, national dresses and musical instruments to the center.

The representative of the Azerbaijan office of state agency which implements the programs of KOICA - grant and technical cooperation of the Korean Republic also visited Nakhchivan State University in December, 2011. This state agency of Korea has got  43  representation in its partner countries.

The Korean KOICA state agency realizes the “Electronic management and educational net” project for NSU.

The ceremonies dedicated to the special historical days of South Korea are held in the South Korean Center.

The Korean language courses have been conducted since 2012-2013 academic year at NSU.