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The foundation of the higher school press dates back to the historical transition period on the eve of Azerbaijan Independence. The newspaper “Fikir’ which began its publication  on October 15, 1991, is of great importance in higher education system of Azerbaijan as the first press organ, appeared in the light of national-historical processes. The foundation of “Qeyret” publishing house in 1997 at the university characterized the work of the media not only in the borders of a newspaper but also the continual development of media.




The XXI century, which is characterized as information and multimedia age made the press more operative and dynamic by strengthening the developmental process of press at the university.  By opening the press service at the university in 2000, there appeared the relations of higher school with community. In 2009 the organization of press department on the basis of press service  improved the work in this field .

In 2001 the university began to train specialists on “Journalism” and in 2002  the chair of “Journalism and world literature” was established, and it proved the systematical and perfect work in this field.

In 2006 the foundation of the independent “University Television” stimulated teaching the theoretical knowledge through the information-communication technologies and broadcasting the higher school life.

By the care and help of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of NAR, Mr.Vassif Talibov, the television consisting of studio, director and montage rooms, and auditoriums was well-equipped with the latest technical equipments. The scientific-enlightenment programs made by television play a great role in the life of students

In 2010 the participation and successful representation of the University television in Kentavr International film festival in Tbilisi made our students and teachers to be more responsible in making documentary films and in the work of producing and montaging.

At present by the care of our state and initiative of university guidance the university television has been licensed and necessary frequency was allotted for its broadcasting in the area of Nakhchivan city.
2011 was one of the remarkable years in the history of university press. Thus, the  newspaper “New thought” which began to be published since April, 2011, newly-formed university radio “Nuhchikhan”, reconstructed university television (UTV),  rich television and radio teaching studies equipped with visual aids, multimedia and audio-visual appliances, and as a result opening of Media Center which comprises press service and journalism library are significant events for the university.