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The tradition of publishing of widely-spread newspapers in large editions at higher schools of the former Soviet Union Republics served the agitation of the ideology of the existing society rather than enabling students and teaching staff to create actively. On the eve of independence the same newspapers played an important role in the agitation of the ideas like restoration of historical memory, revival of national statehood tradition, return to background, respect for customs and traditions.


The newspaper “Thought”, the first number of which was published on October 15, 1991, of Nakhchivan State University just appeared in the light of those national-historical processes. The newspaper “Thought” was the first press organ in the regional university in the higher education system of Azerbaijan which began its publication on the basis of the registration certificate № 330 dated to 05 September, 1991 State Press Committee of the Azerbaijan SSR. Establishment of Nakhchivan State University by the decision of December 29, 1990 of Azerbaijan SSR Ministers Union on the basis of Nakhchivan State Pedagogical Institute named after Yussif Mammadaliyev also played an important role in the appearance of the newspaper “Thought”. And gaining the status of university was one of the main factors that guaranteed the publication of the higher school newspaper in large editions.

Formerly, Alexey Ossipovich Chernyayevsky, the inspector of the Azerbaijan department of Gory Pedagogical Seminary  together with Alimammad Khalilov, the graduate of the Seminary from Nakhchivan intended to publish the enlightening newspaper “Thought”, but they could not succeed its publication. At that time giving the title “Thought” to the press organ of Nakhchivan State University was connected to realize their desire. In the article “The newspaper “Thought”-after 98 years” published in the 2nd number of the newspaper on November 12, 1991, this press organ was characterized as “a platform for those who are able to think, to compare and to conclude”. So the newspaper “Thought”, as a platform of the teaching staff and students at Nakhchivan State University continued its functioning till 1997 and contributed to the development of enlightening thought and created the chronicle of the university life.

In the next years as a result of integration to European universities referring to the publication practice of journals of information bulletin type in the Western higher schools, the university decided to print information bulletin under the same title on the basis of the newspaper “Thought”. During the past years the information bulletin “Thought” has successfully highlighted the scientific-educational environment of university life in Nakhchivan. But along with “Scientific works” journal serial and information bulletin “Thought” there emerged necessity for a newspaper at the university. Particularly, training specialists in bachelor and master levels in the direction of the specialty “Journalism” made it necessary. Because  newspaper publication is a necessary factor for new generation press workers to have their initial experience in the sphere of newspaper publication during students years. For these reasons higher school newspaper under the title “New thought” began to be published as an appendix to the information bulletin “Thought” at Nakhchivan State University.

The newspaper “New thought” the first number of which was published on April 1, 2011 is the continuation of the newspaper “Thought” which began to be published at Nakhchivan State University 20 years ago, that’s it is the newspaper “Thought” of the new period.  This newspaper is a press organ for necessary information and for publication of artistic-publicistic writings which can not be published in the “Thought” information bulletin for its character.  The newspaper “New thought” also functions as a school of profession for teaching staff and students of “Journalism” specialty and for those who are interested in press. Future journalists do not only study journalistic professionalism through publications of this newspaper, they also master working skills related to printing house, design models, acquire photo-journalism.

The editor-in-chief of the newspaper “New thought” is Seyyid Sura Namidar g., pro-rector for academic affairs of the university, Ph Doctor on philology, assistant-professor.