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The university television that has been functioning since April 27, 2006, has become a platform and creativity arena for teaching staff and students of Nakhchivan State University.

The television programs are broadcasted in all the auditoriums of the educational buildings in the area of 108 hectares of the university.

By the decree dated to October 11, 2006 of Ministers Cabinet of Nakhchivan AR necessary frequency was allotted for broadcasting of the university television in the area of Nakhchivan AR. The television was registered by the certificate dated to October 20, 2006 of the Communication and Information Technologies Ministry of Nakhchivan AR. Allotted special frequency by the ministry and the agreement on broadcasting through a separate channel enables television broadcasting in 3 kilometers of the university.

Television composed of studio, producing and montage rooms, editorial office and auditoriums was well-equipped with the latest technical equipments thanks to the care and attention of Vassif Talibov, the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan AR.

Television delivers the most topical lectures of the university teaching staff, wishes and recommendations of foreign guests invited to the university to the wide auditoriums through telebridge which is considered a demand of our globalized world.

Among the television staff which mainly consists of teachers and students of journalism of the university there have been formed skilled presenters, operators, correspondents, editors and technical staff.

During its activity television took a responsible and successful step in producing and making montage of some documentary films, like “Foothold of unity” which deals with the life and activity of the academician Issa Habibbayly, “Philosophy of wisdom” which is a contribution to the 70th jubilee of the assistant professor Abbas Mehdiyev, “World of colors” dedicated to the creativity of a student-painter Arzu Novruzov, “Marvellous blue light” which reflects a one-year activity of University television and the film dedicated to  Vagif Mammadov, Ph Doctor on history, the director of the publishing house “Honor” (“Qeyrət”).

The student operators and correspondents who accompany university staff during their visits abroad –Tabriz and Urmiya cities of the Iran Islamic Republic, Igdir and Gars cities of Turkey, Moscow and Novosibirsk cities of Russia record meetings and different programs and show them on a local university screen and transfer to the memory of history.

The university television serves to prepare skilled specialists for Nakhchivan State Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee and other telechannels.

The university television is run by Chinara Tofig gizi Mammadova.