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“Fikir” (“Thought”) - the first published organ of Nakhchivan State University was officially registered in 1991 and began to be published. The newspaper whose 44 numbers were printed till 1997, became “Fikir” information bulletin in 1998.



“Fikir” information bulletin is a source of great importance for those who study the developmental way Nakhchivan State University passed and renewal processes of this higher education institution. The bulletin highlights the innovations in the field of education, scientific-research, international relationships, culture, sports, etc. of the university worthily. Relevant photos printed in color in the bulletin supplement the given information successfully.

The editor-in-chief of the information bulletin “Fikir” is Saleh Maharramov the rector of Nakhchivan State University, professor and the editor of it is Vagif Mammadov, Ph. Doctor on history, assistant professor.