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This museum began to operate under the name “School history study” on November 3, 1997. The study was called “School history” by the decision of the University Academic Council dated to 18 May, 2007. The “School history” museum was established mainly on the basis of the documents of the socio-political statesmen and pedagogues who hold a special place in the school and pedagogical thought history.

The museum is one of the main educational centers for those who are trained as future pedagogues. The museum comprises the portraits of N.Ganjavi, N.Tusi, KH.Shirvani, M.Fuzuli, M.F.Akhundov, S.A.Shirvani, M.A.Sabir, S.M.Ganizadeh, N.Narimanov, M.T.Sidgi, H.Javid, M.H.Shahriyar,etc. who hold special places in the pedagogical thought history and their views on the education and training.

The photos of the prominent intellectuals who graduated from Gory Teacher Training Seminary, the 1907 year graduates of the Transcaucasian Teacher Training Institute and the 1936-37 years graduates of incomplete secondary school №1 in the Nakhchivan city add interest to the museum. The stands which reflect the developmental history of schools opened in Nakhchivan also attract attention. The museum also comprises a section dealing with the developmental history of education in Nakhchivan, as well as, the stands which reflect the activity of those scientists who studied at the university and gained scientific titles.