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Academic Library of NSU has been functioning since April 23, 1968 and the head of the library was appointed Yavuz Akhundov, vice-director on educational affairs, candidate of philological sciences. A certain amount was allotted, necessary literature and materials were provided to set up the fund of the newly established library. The fund of the library which contained only 370 books, was enriched in a short time. More than 290 books in Azerbaijan and Russian languages were presented from the Baku State University library, Central Academic library of ANSA, M.F.Akhundov library and libraries of different institutes.

In 1971 the library which consisted of only 1 department and 1 study room, was led by Novruz Guliyev, who was the corresponding student in the history-philology department of the institute, in 1972 by Bayim Vakilova, who was the laboratory assistant of the chair of “Pedagogics” at that time and then in different years by Shovket Gassimova, Gafar Aliyev, Teyyuba Abdullayeva and Parvin Aliyeva. At present the director of the Academic Library of NSU is Aypara Behbudova, Ph Doctor on philology.

In order to provide literature exchange in the library a special fund was established in the 80s of the last century and the library had an exchange with scientific establishments and libraries of the former Soviet Union and some foreign countries. During those years the fund of the library was considerably enriched, so more than 2000 books were gained through exchange. The fund was more enriched with free obligatory copies of the printed materials which were published in our republic. Some activities were also carried out in the direction of improvement of information-bibliography work.

In 1985 the fund of the library was composed of 60 thousand copies of rare prose of exceptional importance and scientific literature published in the Azerbaijan, Russian and foreign languages.

Since 1987 the library got free obligatory copies of the printed materials published in the republic. The library of NSU has been improved and developed greatly since 1996.

Thanks to the guidance of Ilham Aliyev, the President of the Azerbaijan Republic and the care of Vassif Talibov, the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic a new five-storeyed building was built for the library of Nakhchivan State University. And, in May, 2004 the library was moved into the five-storeyed building which conforms to the European standards. After this a new developmental period began in the history of the library and progressive methods were applied in the service to the readers.

It has already become a tradition to present books to the library by prominent persons. Thus, academician Issa Habibbayly, corresponding member of ANSA, doctor of physics and mathematical sciences, the late Zohrab Valiyev, academician Budag Budagov, academician Mammad Jafar Jafarov, Ph Doctor on pedagogics, assistant professor Gultaj Aliyeva and others presented great number of books to the university library from their personal library funds. Academician Issa Habibbayly presented 5000 books out of 21 000 books in his personal library to the university library.

The fund of the Academic Library of NSU which is considered to be the biggest academic library in the Autonomous Republic on different science fields comprises over 200 000 literature in more than 30 languages of the world.

Academic Council of the Academic Library of Nakhchivan State University includes 11 members.

The library of NSU serves its readers at a high level getting benefit from the world science and international library experience. The specialization of each fund and reading halls on a concrete science fields and the placement of each hall on a separate floors is the result of integration of this library into European library system. At present 11 funds and 11 reading hall in the library on different science fields offer high level service to the readers.