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  1. I While being registered students and staff members are required to introduce the following documents:

    • Identity card
    • Student card
    • Reader card

  2. Library Service for readers

    Individual subscription is available for all the staff of NSU. At the library at any one time

    • academicians and corresponding members can borrow up to 10 copies
    • scientific workers 5 copies
    • students 3 copies.

    Only study rooms are offered for use of the students and academic staff of other universities.

    The following publications are not offered by individual subscription:

    • Publications of informational character (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.)
    • Rare books, valuable publications
    • author’s abstracts and dissertations
    • periodicals.

  3. Study rooms service is available for all readers.

  4.  Interlibrary loan (ILL), available for academic staff, is a service whereby a user can borrow books, academic articles, periodicals or any other material that are owned by other libraries.

  5. Library users are not served in case they have not returned the borrowed books within the stipulated loan period and have not brought their reader cards.