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The objective of the Students Scientific Society at Nakhchivan State University is management of students’ scientific – research work and coordination. The Students Scientific Society is a real research and creativity school for young researchers. At the same time, the society plays an important role in discovering talented and skilled students at the university. This arena is of great importance for students to demonstrate their knowledge, ability and interest in science.

Students Scientific Society at Nakhchivan State University was established in 1969 while this higher school was functioning as a Nakhchivan branch of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute. During next years the number of the researcher students rose year by year. At present these researchers are taking their first steps in the field of their scientific-research works.

At the beginning of each academic year the students, particularly fresh ones are informed about the goal of Students Scientific Society. The students who show an interest in different fields of science are offered different topics or they are offered by students themselves, and research works are done throughout the year. Topics related to the history, geography, nature, art and prominent personalities of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic are particularly preferred. At the end of the academic year final conferences of the society are held in each department and winners are allowed to participate in the university round. During university round the exhibition composed of the creativity works of the students is demonstrated, too. The winners of this round are awarded diplomas and presents of the university and enjoy the rights to participate in the students scientific conferences held by the Educational Ministry of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The chairman of the Students Scientific Society at Nakhchivan State University is the 3rd year law student Ramazan Shahin oghlu Abdullayevdir.