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SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise), founded by the USA universities students in 1975, is an organization of global partnership among the higher educational institutions and business structures. As a result of such relations among world universities students teams study the principles of free entrepreneurship, put their ideas into practice and share their practice with others.

SIFE team at Nakhchivan State University was established in 2008. Since then the team participated in the higher schools championships of Azerbaijan, won the country championship in 2010 and represented Azerbaijan decently in the world championship held in Los-Angeles, the USA.

In 2011 the team of SIFE of Nakhchivan State University repeated its victory in the republic championship and represented our country successfully in the world championship held in Kuala-Lumpur city, Malaysia.

The team of SIFE (Students in Free Enterprize) at Nakhchivan State University is led by the Chairman of the Trade Union Organization, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, assistant professor - Elshan Nemat oghlu Mammadov