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As in other branches, students’ physical upbringing was paid attention to very seriously in Nakhchivan State University from the day of its establishment.

There were 20 teachers and 105 students together with the teachers working hourly in Nakhchivan branch of Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute which began to function in 1967. The first physical training teacher here was Huseynov Khalid Latif oglu. He was appointed a teacher to the branch on September 1, 1967. He was chosen as a teacher  by contest on September 18  in 1968.  In connection with the increase of the lesson hours  physical culture specialty Bagirov Israfil Mammadali oglu was appointed a teacher on the staff, Abbasov Rustam Bagir oglu was appointed a teacher working hourly.

From that period physical training lesson shifted to the compulsory lesson form on the basis of state program, as well as, extracurricular trainings on table tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics were organized in the branch on the basis of decree dated October  01, 1970 by the branch directorate. The leadership to these trainings was assigned to X. Huseynova and I. Bagirova

In the same year internal branch competition was held on football, basketball, table tennis, chess by the decree of the directorate.

A great deal of work on admission of RPP complex norms was done in the branch in 1967-1970. RPP commission was established to accept RPP norms on December 23,1968. In connection with the increase of student staff in 1970-1980, new physical training teachers were involved in  this higher education institution. On the basis of the order numbered 125 dated September 13 1971 by the branch directorate, Aliyev Elman Muhammad oglu and Kazimov Intigam Haji oglu were appointed hourly teachers. During this period compulsory physical training lessons were taught 2 hours per week in I, II courses.

Beginning from 70-ies combined teams for different sports types of the branch began to participate in republic competitions. Football team of the branch was sent on an official trip to Ordubad city on April 21, 1971. Friendly match with the combined team of Ordubad region was held. Valiyev Vahid, Mustafayev Sadiq, Seyidov Mirhashim, Vazirov Sabuhi and other skilled footballers were the players of the  team. In the same year the combined team of the branch for volleyball won  in  V jubilee of Spartacusiada  of NAR, the members of the team were awarded a monthly scholarship on the basis of  the order numbered 14 dated February 10, 1971 of the branch directorate. In order to improve the physical training work more “Civil Protection” and “Physical training” chairs were established in 1972. X.Huseynov was appointed the first director of the chair. In the same year E.Aliyev was chosen as a teacher to the branch by contest.

Combined light athletics team of the Institute  consisting of boys and girls took an active part in the tournaments for the reward of “Izvestia” newspaper in Baku city on September 9, 1974. 17 sportsmen and two teachers (X.Heseynov, E.Aliyev) participated in this race. 7 sportsmen represented the institute in boxing competition held in Baku city on March 14, 1974. In the same year on March 29 light athletics team of the institute participated in “cross” tournaments in baku city.

There was a closed sports hall, a wrestling hall, a football playground with standard measures and green cover provided with gymnastics facilities in the institute in 70-80-ies. In 1981-82 academic years, in all faculties  physical training lessons were  taught in compulsory lesson form in I and II courses and  2 hours per week as a facultative lesson form in III course.

A special attention was paid to wrestling as a supporting sports type in the institute. And that is why free style  wrestling team of the institute with 12 sportsmen participated in wrestling race including in the program of  IV Students’ Games of Azerbaijan Republic on March 13 1976. Abbasov Mammadtaghi became II, Mammadov Araz was chosen III  prize winners among the students. On May 5, 1977 wrestling team again participated in free style wrestling races of the society of “Buravestnik” (10 sportsmen and trainer M.H.Rahimov), on April 6, 1980 judo team with 8 sportsmen of the institute took part in IX Students’ sports games, (trainer: M.H.Rahimov) Aliyev Ali among the sportsmen became II prize winner.

In this time volleyball and light athletics types were developed as the supporting sports types at the institute. That is why volleyball team of the institute represented NAR in Lankoran city on February 6, 1978, (trainer: E.Aliyev) light athletics team of the institute participated in all-union cross tournaments held in Irevan city (trainer: I.Kazimov and 9 students)

In this period a good deal of attention was paid to  popularity of physical training.Thus RPP  commission was created  with the rector’s  order  number 3 on March 20 1979 in order to accept the norms of RPP complex.

Our sportsmen took an active part in Spartacusiada I of higher schools held in Baku city in 1981. In the same year on November 17, free wrestling team participated successfully in the free wrestling tournaments dedicated to 60 year jubilee of API.

A new RPP commission consisting of 15 people at the institute was established in order to increase the popularity of the sport on November 1981, the chairman of this commission was Q. Mustafayev , vice-rector for academic work. With the rector’s order number 20 dated February 18, 1980, 18-25 February was declared RPP week. In 1980-90 years wrestling, judo, light athletics, volleyball teams constantly participated in republican higher school championship of the Republic of Azerbaijan and for the championship of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, as well as, all-union competitions. Thus, the volleyball team of the institute took part in all-union tournament held in Pavlodar city of Kazakistan in May 1981, and in all-union tournaments of pedagogical institutes in Belcha city of the Republic of Moldova. Wrestling team of the institute took part in international tournament held in Kiev city in 1989. (trainer: M. Rahimov)

The student of the University Ganbarov Azar Asaf oglu showed a high result in international tournament dedicated to the memorial of Soviet Union hero Hazi Aslanov and completed the sports master norms of the USSR.

After our republic gained independence as in all fields reconstruction work in physical training field began to bear a new form and context. The positive results of this renovation process at Nakhchivan State University gave their fruits from 2000. In 1995 the opening of the specialty “Physical training and primary military preparation” within the engineering-pedagogical faculty  in 1995 and “Physical training and sports” specialty in 1997 assisted considerably to both the improvement of  sports work at University and preparation of physical training specialists for autonomous republic. Thanks to the attention and care of the leadership of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the events implemented in the field of strengthening  sports base at University,  construction and usage of stadium of university, open sports base, modern University Olympic Centre founded a new stage in the development of sports.

On the average 60-70  highly-qualified physical training specialists are prepared  at University every year. At our University even the students from neighbor Turkey are prepared as physical training specialists.

Relations with  the universities of neighbor Turkey and Islamic Republic of Iran were established gradually. In 2002 the football and volleyball teams of the University had friendly matches with the sportsmen of Kars Caucasus University, as well as, won both in Turkey and Nakhchivan. In 2003 our footballers had friendly matches with the sportsmen of Tabriz University of the Islamic Republic of Iran and won with 7:1 score. In this period the students of the University participated in  different international tournaments within the combined teams of the Republic and took places worth rewards. The student of the University Asgarov Ali was  awarded silver medal in world championship in weight-lifting held in Germany in 2005. In 2007 Muradov Khayal took II place in international boxing tournament dedicated to national leader of Azerbaijan people, Heydar Aliyev’s memorial. In 2007 judaist Bagirli Babek took II place, Karimov Ali became III, free style wrestlers Mammadov Elvin, Mammadov Huseyn and Muradov Nurlan became the winners of the competition  in the international tournament held in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In 2006 Aliyev Ramal became Azerbaijan champion in sambo wrestling and participated in World championship played in Moscow.

In 2000-2007 University sportsmen participated successfully in the races of republic. So that Badminton team of the university composed of girls became the winners of republic championships among the students of higher schools of Azerbaijan.(trainer: M.H.Rahimov). Judo team for the first time took III place in republic Universidad, the member of the team Azar Fatullayev became a champion in individual championship in 2001, took part in world Universidad of the students in Beijing city  and were among the winners.(trainer: C.Rahimov)  In 2004-2005 free style wrestling team  became the second in total team score in republic championship of higher school students, the members of the team Aliyev Mammad and Mammadov Husein  got II place. (trainer: E.B.Hasanov)

In this period the boxers of the University participated in the championship of higher school students successfully as well. In 2005  championship the university team took III place, the member of the team Asgarov Temer became the winner of the tournament, Aliyev Mammad and Khudadanov Aftandil  were deserved II and III place respectively.

University sportsmen take an active part in the competitions on Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. So that in AR championships played in the area in 2000-2007, judo, free style wrestling, athletics teams were always the first in total team score.”University” football team of the University took II place in the championship played in 2003, possessor of super cup, took I place in 2004, the winner of the tournament dedicated to national leader  of Azerbaijan people, Heydar Aliyev’s 80 year jubilee, took the first place, the winner of AR cup, got II place in 2006,the possessor of  Azerbaijan people’s national leader Heydar Aliyev’s cup, the winner  of Azerbaijan people’s national leader Heydar Aliyev’s memorial tournament (trainer: Y.Valiyev)

Nowadays “Physical training and Sport games”, the chairs of “Physical training and sports” and “Student sports club” which are engaged in students’ physical training activate at University. The labour of the teachers and trainers who are busy with physical training is highly appreciated by university rectorate. So that on March 30 in 2001,with the decision № 7 by Scientific Council,  head teacher of the university, the trainer of “Judo” team  Rahimov Mammadali Hamza oglu was awarded  “Honoured decree” for his team’s successful participation in Republic Universiada of higher schools.

Besides, the trainer of free wrestling team E.Hasanova, the trainer of volleyball team N.Aliyeva, the trainer of football team Y.Valiyev were given thanks several times by the rectorate. The head teacher of the University M.H.Rahimov was awarded a chest emblem “Prominent teaching worker” by Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic, and the head teacher Y.N.Valiyev was awarded  the honored title “Labored physical trainer and sportsman” of Autonomous Republic.

Every year in September-October optional competitions are  held  for different kinds of sports among freshmen of Nakhchivan State University. The purpose of these competitions is to direct the attention of leaders of University faculties to the students’ physical training and to involve the talented students in the sports trainings which function at university. The places which the faculties take are determined in these races as well. For example, in 2013-2014 academic years the places that were taken by faculties in optional races was as shown in table № 1. At the same time  Universiada is held every two years while championship is organized every one year. The goal in these races is to determine the places taken by faculties for different sport types  and to complex the combined teams on the account of skilled sportsmen.

2015 was a successful beginning for our sportsmen. This year  freshman of the university Aliyev Tayfur Nariman oglu became Azerbaijan champion in boxing, Hasanzadeh Togrul Gasim oglu took V place performing successfully among 51 participants in chess in XII Universiada of Higher Schools of Azerbaijan Republic.

By now  the students’ work of physical training was carried out mainly in two directions in Nakhchivan State University. One of them was compulsory lesson form, the other was in the form of extra-curricular  sport training. From this year on the basis of the decree of Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic the compulsory lesson form of physical training was abolished in Nakhchivan State University as in other higher schools of Azerbaijan Republic and physical training was  based on the principle of volunteer. Sports club was established in terms of salary at University and  extra-curricular trainings were organized under the leadership of experienced  trainers in 13 sport types. In these trainings grave attention is paid to the increase of the popularity of sports, as well as, to the preparation of high level sportsmen.