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The department is organized into 3 chairs:

Chair of law subjects

Head of the chair: Shukur Alosh oghlu Mammadov, Ph.Doctor on history, assistant  professor 

Staff of the chair:

  • Elman Yusif oghlu Jafarov–Ph.Doctor on history, assistant professor
  • Gahraman Novruz oghlu Behbudov- Ph.Doctor on law,  assistant professor
  • Nazim Habib oghlu Mammadov –senior - teacher
  • Elman Nariman oghlu Abbasov –senior - teacher
  • Hikmat Huseyn oghlu Aliyev-  instructor
  • Asad Suleyman oghlu Agdarov – instructor
  • Tural Jemaleddin oghlu Husseynov –  instructor
  • Ali Tofig oghlu Gadimov -  instructor
  • Ismayil Meher oghlu Ismayilly –  instructor
  • Vagif Musa oghlu Gurbanov-  instructor
  • ValidaVahid qizi Bayramova – instructor

Chair of philosophy and politology

Head of the chair: Novruzaly Hamza  oghlu Rehimov, Ph.Doctor on philosophy, assistant professor 

Staff of the chair:

  • Mammad Husseyn oghlu Rzayev- Honored teacher of the Azerbaijan Republic, Ph.Doctor, professor
  • Garib Valy oghlu Allahverdiyev – Ph.Doctor, assistant professor
  • Abbas Heidar oghlu Ahmadov –instructor
  • Bagir Hamza oghlu Babayev- instructor
  • Sadig Nasrullah oghlu Huseynov-  instructor

Chair of Public management and tourism

Head of the hair
: Hafiz Feyruz oghlu Huseynov, Ph.Doctor, assistant professor

Staff of the chair:

  • Ali KheyberogluJabbarov- Ph. Doctor on economy , assistant professor
  • Gunay Humbet qizi Valiyeva – Ph. Doctor on pedagogy, instructor
  • Flora Behlul qizi Karimova – instructor
  • Jahan Geray qizi Bayramova- instructor
  • Gunel Shirin qizi Issayeva- instructor