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At Nakhcivan State University the specialty of “Pediatrics” was opened in 1999. In 2007 the specialty of “Medical Prophylaxy” was opened and in 2011 as a result of the reforms in the medical system of the republic “Pediatrics” was cancelled and the specialty of “General medicine”was opened.During the training period students of upper courses get professional practice in modern hospitals of Nakhcivan Autonomous Republic and in clinical hospitals of medical departments of Izmit Kojaeli, Kayseri Erjiyes, Erzurum Ataturk, Elazig Firat, Van Yuzungu Yil and Ankara Universities of Turkish Republic to acquire practical skills.


The dean of the department: Bahruz Giblaly oglu Mammadov, Ph. Doctor on Pedagogics, assistant professor 
The vice-dean medical treatment: Yashar Rza oglu Rzayev, head physician of the university hospital, senior teacher
A hospital is functioning within the department.

Preparation of specialists:

  • General medicine
  • Medical Prophylaxis
  • Pharmacology
  • Stomatology