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The Pedagogical department was established on the base of the department “Primary education and pre-school training” organized in September, 1984.

The students of the department take part successfully in the republic championships of university students. The girls’ badminton team composed of the students of the Pedagogical department won the first place in the championships of university students of Azerbaijan in 2004, 2006, 2007.

The football team of the university composed of the sports students of this department took the first place in 2004 and 2005, the second place in 2006 in the football championship held in the Autonomous Republic.

The football team became the winner of the tourney devoted to the 80th anniversary of Heidar Aliyev, the national leader of the Azerbaijan Republic, took the cup of the Autonomous Republic in 2005. It also became the winner in the memorial tourney of the national leader Heiydar Aliyev in 2007.
The dean of the department: Vali Heidar oglu Aliyev, Ph. Doctor on Pedagogics, assistant professor
The vice-dean for academic issues: Ibrahim Murad oglu Rustamov, Ph. Doctor on Pedagogics, assistant professor
The preparation of specialists

In bachelor level

  • Teacher of technology
  • Teacher of physical education and pre-conscription training
  • Physical training and sports