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The hostel of the NSU was built in 1977. Within this period the hostel building was repaired only once in 1997. The Student House was capitally rebuilt, repaired, as well as, new buildings were attached. It was opened on February 28, 2011.

The chairman of Supreme Mejlis Vassif Talibov took part and made a speech at the opening ceremony of the Student House.

The Student House of 2 buildings is meant for 462 students-200 girls and 262 boys. The number of students varies from 2 to 3 per rooms. There live more than 40 foreign students from Turkey, Iran, Egypt, South Korea, Nigeria and Bangladesh in the Student House. On the ground floor of the Student House there are special halls for playing tennis and chess, separate bathrooms for boys and girls, a laundry room, a store room, a guarding service, a turner's room and a social service room and so on. On the first floor there have been set up rooms with electronic boards in both - boys and girls sections and also there are rooms for leisure hours and entertainment. There have been installed modern heating system to heat the house. There are kitchens for boys and girls on each floor. On the first floor of the boys section there are rooms to prepare lessons, a medical room, the warden room, the accountancy room, the administrative room, the self-management commission room and the room for Students Council. For water provision there have been constructed a water tank of 100 tons at the back of the building, and for electricity provision there have been constructed an electric transformer. In the rooms  there have been installed the most modern bedroom furniture, wardrobes and computer tables for each student. The house has been provided with heating system, gas, electricity, phone and internet. For the leisure activities of the students there is a large patio around the Student House.