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Specialist preparation on medical specialties have been implemented in Nakhchivan State University since 1999. The hospital  operated within the Medical Faculty of the University from 2001, later on, a new hospital of Nakhchivan State University began to operate in 2015.


There are three departments in the hospital: pediatrics, therapy and  surgery. There is a surgery block on the ground floor of the building which is 3 storeyed. There are 2 reanimation chambers, X-ray room, clinic laboratory, pharmacy and treatment room. There are ultra-sound electrocardiography, cabinets of nurses and doctors  as well. There are 9 beds  of  2 reanimation and 2 pediatric types. There are dentist,   ophthalmologist, pharmacy labs, a physiotherapy department, a sterilization chamber, 3 auditoriums, an ophthalmological cabinet.