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 Saleh Maharramov Heydar oghlu
rector, professor, chairman
 Seyyid Sura Namidar gizivice - rector on academic issues, PhD on philology, associate professor


 Nuriyev Mubariz Askar oghluvice - rector on Scientific Issues, Ph Doctor on Physics, associate professor
 Mammadov Shamkhal Shukur oghluvice - rector on educational issues, Ph. Doctor on History
 5 Hajiyev İsmayil Mukhtar oghlu
Academician, Chairman of the Department ANAS Nakhchivan, full member of ANAS
 Zalov Araz Ibrahim oghlu
vice- rector for economical administration (administrative affairs)
 7 Mammadov Elshan Neymat oghluThe Chairman of the Trade Union Organization, PhD on mathematics, associate professor
 8 Mammadova Gunay Abbas gizi
dean of the art department, Ph Doctor in Arts
 Zamanov Elchin Daghbayiacademic secretary, PhD on history, associate professor
 Gurbanli Gurban Mahammad oghludean of the International relations and foreign languages department, PhD on philology, associate professor  
 Jafarov Iman Zeynalabdin oghludean of history-philology department, PhD, associate professor
12 Aliyev Tofig Ali oghludean for foreign students, PhD on philology, associate professor
13 Allahverdiyev Garib Vali oghludean of social management and law department, PhD on philosophy, associate professor
14 Asadov Elsever Sabir oghludean of medical department, PhD on Biology, associate professor
15 Aliyev Vali Heydar oghludean of pedagogical department, PhD on pedagogy, associate professor
16 Jafarov Orkhan Jafar oghlu
dean of  physics-mathematics department, PhD on pedagogy, associate professor
17 Mammadov Etibar Nasrullah ogludean of master’s department, PhD on Veterinary, assistant professor
18 Javanshir Ibrahim oglu Zeynalovdean of the architecture and engineering department, Ph. Doctor on Technics, associate professor
19 Mahmudov Shamil Mahmud oghludean of the Natural sciences and Agriculture department, PhD in chemistry
20 Alekberova Aghja Zulfugar gizi
head of the personnel department
 Tarverdiyev Samir Natig oghlu
head of “Geyrat” publishing house, PhD on history
22 Rahimov Rafig Vilayat oghluhead of the educational department, PhD on history
23 Ahmadov Fariz Mahammad oghlu
head of the academic library
24 Babayev Yasin Naghi oghludirector of the laboratories of the development of the region,doctor of chemistry sciences, professor
25 Husseynov Habib Tayyar oghlu
head of the Chair of zoology, PhD on biology, associate professor
26 Bagirov Mehdi Siyavush oghludean of economy department, PhD on economical sciences, associate professorhead of the International Relations Department
27 Mirishli Faig Agil oghluPhD on physics-mathematics, associate professor
28 Magsudov Elbayi Sadiq oghluhead of the chair of teaching subjects, doctor of pedogogy, professor
29 Bababayly Nazim Safarali oghluhead of the geography chair, PhD on geography, associate professor
30 Rzayev Yashar Rza oghlu
head doctor of the hospitalhead of the chair of Azerbaijan linguistics, doctor of philological sciences, professor
 Rustamov Agharza Aghahasan oghludoctor of economical sciences, professor
32 Allahverdiyev Ali Lazim oghluhead of the chair of Romanic –Germanic languages, Ph D on philology, associate professor
33 Jamalov Kamal Hasan oghluChairman of the New Azerbaijan Party, Ph D on pedagogy, associate professor
34 Tahirov Ali Safarali oghlu
Ph. Doctor on biology, assistant professor
35 Behbudov Qahraman Novruz oghlu
head of the chair of law sciences, Ph D on law sciences
36 Aliyev Huseyngulu Ali oghluhead of the Chair of Fine arts, associate professorhead of general medicine, Ph D on medicine, associate professor
37 Rahimov Cavanshir Hamza oghluhead of the chair of Physical training and sport games
38 Shahverdiyev Zahmat Abulfat ogluhead of the Chair of Azerbaijan History, doctor of historical sciences, associate professor
39 Agayev Elshad Valiqulu oghlu head of the Chair of mathematical analysis, PhD on mathematics, associate professor
40 Garibov Asaf Haydar oghlu
head of the chair of the world economy, PhD on economical sciences, associate professor
 Husseynova Valida Vali gizi
head of the chair of orchestra and conductor, associate professor
42 Maharramova Inara Eldar gizi head of the Chair of Music studies and methods, PhD on Art, associate professor
43 Huseynov Hafiz Feyruz oghluhead of the Chair of Social sciences and Tourism, PhD on Philosophy, associate professor
44 Gadimov Askar Nadir oghluhead of the chair of Azerbaijan Literature, Doctor of Sciences on Philology, professor
45 Aliyev Tofig Abbasali oghluhead of the Chair of chemistry, the Doctor of Chemistry, professor
46 Mammadov Rustam Tofig oghlu
director of the center of Information-communication Technologies
47 Kangarli İlgar İsmail oghlu
head of the Chair of general history, Ph doctor on historical sciences, associate professor
48 Sultanova Mehriban Pasha giziPhD on Philology, head of the department of Press
 Abdullayev Arzu Kamal oghluchairman of Students Youth Organization
50 Mammadli Kamal Nadir oghlu
chairman of the Student Trade Union
51 Hasanov Bilgin İsa oghluchairman of the Student Scientific Society