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NIZAMI is being implemented with a comprehensive vision of Azerbaijan`s approximation with the EU Higher Education Area, European Research Area and EU Higher education objectives.It is also complying with the requirements of the EU Cooperation and Development policies.


Alignment with the European Higer Education Area:


NIZAMI is directly supporting the restructuring and development of doctoral studies in Azerbaijan in line with the requirements of the Bologna process and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), to which Azerbaijan acceded in 2005. The main ambition is to transform the “post-soviet” doctoral studies system of Azerbaijan into a modern third cycle of education. It is clearly identified as a project using the resources, experience and principles of the European Research Area (ERA) in order to strengthen the scientific and technological capacities of the third cycle of education in Azerbaijan. It relies on the skills of experts who have been identified as vectors of change for future research and development activities, programs and policies in Azerbaijan. Consequently, it will contribute to the visibility and attractiveness of the European Higher Education Area through the organization of dissemination days and international conference in Azerbaijan and Europe, as well as the publication of the project results on its website.


Promotion of the EU Education Objectives:


Inspired by the Bologna process regarding the creation of a harmonized, professionalized and internationalized third cycle of education, NIZAMI`s activities involve promoting reforms in the higher education system with a focus at the doctoral level; modernizing policies, governance and management of Azerbaijani HEIs; and strengthening relations between the higher education system and the wider economic and social environment. Research and innovation quality assurance, as well a diploma recognition are being discussed during the coordination meetings.

Within its wide range of Work Packages, NIZAMI promotes many requirements set by Education and training 2020 (ET 2020).The EU frame work for cooperation in education and training.







The Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic

Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Baku State University

Azerbaijan State University of Economics

Azerbaijan Technical University

Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

Azerbaijan University of Languages

Azerbaijan State Agricultural University

Khazar University 

Nakhchivan State University




University of Montpellier (coordinator)

University of Masaryk

Uppsala University

University of Barcelona

Heidelberg University




Human European Consultancy

University of Lodz

University of Macedonia

Karl Franzens Universitἅt Graz