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General propositions
  1. At Nakhchivan State University rules of organizing of teaching through credit system in the bachelor level (now "Rules")  are prepared in accordance with the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "On the education", "The state standard and programme of the step of higher education" confirmed by the corresponding decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic, "The content and organizing rules of bachelor education" and Europe Credit Transfer System.

  2. At the  Nakhchivan State University the teaching process organized through credit system is characterized with the following peculiarities:

    • having an individual curriculum for each student and their participation in working out of this plan;
    • being attracted the academic tutors to the teaching process;
    • offering all necessary facilities to the students for independent work ;
    • using multi-graded system in the assessment of knowledge;
    • providing the students' and teachers'  mobility;
    • the dependence term of education on the achievement of student;
    • coding of the faculties, chairs, specialities, subjects, teachers, students

  3. Higher education institutions have to acquaint the students with the rules of credit system  and create  conditions to gain the credit determined in the curriculum in the term of education.

  4. At  Nakhchivan State University the organizing of teaching through credit system is regulated by the corresponding bodies (teaching, registration, grading, monitoring and etc.)