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With the goal of helping the students studying with credit system in Nakhchivan State University the service of academic advisers (tutors) has been organized.

The number of the tutors is defined according to the number of the students studying in faculties. Not fewer than one hundred students are defined for every tutor.

The tutors are chosen from the persons having at least a master's degree and certain experience and competency in the field.

The tutors are appointed with the order of the rector.

  • save and defend the academic interests of the students;
  • present all the necessary information and documents connected with the organization of the education process to the students;
  • give advice to the students connected with composition of the individual and working plans;
  • organize the reception of the individual plans of the students in the appointed time and take part in the composition of the annual working plans;
  • help the students to make changes in their individual education plans.
Eleven tutors have been appointed for eleven faculties in Nakhchivan State University.