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In the organization of the education with credit system the academic mobility of the students is ensured according to the statute of the Bolony declaration. The mobility of the students is fulfilled in two ways: coordinated and not coordinated. The coordinated mobility is fulfilled according to the contract signed between universities. According to that agreement the student can collect the credits on different subjects in other higher educational institutions, including foreign higher schools. In this case the sending university should recognize the credits collected by the students in other universities. In the other university the maximal credit limit to be collected by the student is defined by the sending university.

The student can collect credits independently in other institutions of higher education. In this case recognition or non-recognition of the credits collected by the student is in the competence of the main higher school he studies in.

The following documents are accounted in order to provide the mobility of the student between the education institutions:
  • contracts between the higher school institutions;
  • academic transcript (form 7);
  • the application form of the student (form 8) (filled in the language the student studies in);
  • educational agreement (form 8);
  • information envelope (enclosure 1)