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  1. An individual education plan for the first academic year is worked out for the newly admitted students to Nakhchivan State University. The student must get the individual education plan by September 10. The next year the students themselves work out their individual education plan after consultation with the tutor according to the teaching graphic of the qualification and present to the department between the 5th  and 15th  of July. The student can make amendments till September 10 in the individual education plan. Individual education plans are confirmed by the education institution till the beginning of the academic year. A copy of them is given to the student, the  another copy is kept in the body defined by the higher education institution.

  2. The student is not allowed to make amendments in his individual education plan later. Only those who have academic debts from the autumn semester can make amendments in their individual education plans for the next semester during the first week of the winter holidays in the way defined by Nakhchivan State University.

  3. If the student has not presented his individual education plan for the next academic year within the appointed period, his education is organized according to the teaching graphic of the qualification for that year on the higher school.