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  1. Summer terms are organized for the following purposes:

    • liquidating failure to take examinations;
    • taking  other subjects intended in the education plans excluding  the subjects in teaching of which the succession is expected in their teaching;
    • raising of the mark in the successful subject ;
    • to create conditions for the students of other higher education institutions to take necessary credits in the subjects offered by higher school;

  2. The summer term (theoretical training and exams) must last 6 (six) months.

  3. The period of exams must be organized in the last week of  summer term and must not last more than a week.

  4. The credit taken by the students in summer term mustn't be more than nine.

  5. The summer term and exams are over before two weeks of the next term.

  6. The exam is once organized for the students who haven't taken part at the exams for inadequate reason.

  7. The student must introduce his/ her own teaching plan for the fall term to the faculty between the 5th  and the 15th of June not depending on their participation in the summer term. And s/he may make amendments in his/her private plan during the time showing in the item 3.3.1.

  8. The student isn't allowed to pass the same exam again in order to get higher mark. But s/he may take part in the lessons in the same subject in summer term in order to get higher mark and s/he may pass an exam again.

  9. The summer term in high schools is carried out on chargeable basis.

  10. During the summer term payment of the student's 1 credit on a subject si defined by dividing average cost of amount allotted to the same year by state order on all qualifications of higher institution on(number of annual credit) to 60.

  11. In summer term the higher education institution defines the number of the students in groups depending on its financial opportunities.

  12. Teachers are involved in the summer term voluntarily and their salary is paid according to their office hours. Besides, the teachers are paid the second amount which mustn't be less than 25% of the amount obtained from the group.

  13. At least 15% of  the amount obtained in the summer term  is defined to pay  the wages of the other collaborators involved  by the rector's order, excluding the shown in the 3.4.11 item.