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“HEIDAR ALIYEV UNIVERSITY LIBRARY”. “Heidar Aliyev University Library” was established for the first time at Nakhchivan State University in Azerbaijan by the decision of the University Academic Board dated to 06 March, 1997.  At the first meeting of this new type of statehood school Vassif Talibov, the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic made a report on the topic” Heidar Aliyev’s life and activity is a university”, called attention to the fact that the role and importance of “Heidar Aliyev University” is great in the formation and development of new generations of independent Azerbaijan and defined concrete tasks.

“Heidar Aliyev University Library” is a rich library that reflects the life and statehood activity of our national leader. This library owns over 1500 books, journals, audio-visual materials, videotape recording, valuable video-sequences, album and booklets, rare historical documents archive materials which reflect the honorable life and far-sighted political activity of the national leader and are related to Azerbaijan statehood.

The activity of “Heidar Aliyev University Library” is rich in the studies which cover the very different directions of our country development. Thus, at different times extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadors of Turkey, Russia, France, China, Japan and Romania and other states to our country, as well as, the leaders of representations of international organizations in Azerbaijan visited our university and made speeches on the exceptional services of our national leader Heidar Aliyev in the establishment and improvement of relations between the Azerbaijan Republic and their countries, international organizations. “Heidar Aliyev University Library” has had 152 studies up today.

At the “Heidar Aliyev University Library” there was set up a perfect literature basis for students and people who work for their doctor’s and master’s degrees and study modern history of Azerbaijan.

“Medical library” is situated in the building of medical department of NSU and has been functioning since 2000. The university administration has permanently paid attention to provide material and technical basis and textbooks on medicine for students of this department to get perfect education since the day it was set up. The library offers about 6 thousand books on medical science in different languages –Azerbaijan, Turkish, Russian and English.

“International relations and foreign languages library”
has been functioning since 2009 and owns about 4000 books in different languages. The library offers books mainly in foreign languages –Russian, English, French, German, Arabian, Persian, etc. The library fund is enriched with the books bought on the account of amount allotted by university administration for the library and the books presented by foreign guests.

Academic Library of NSU created relations with some scientific institutions of Egyptian Arabian Republic which is one of the great scientific and cultural centers of the East. The library fund comprises the books presented by Cairo and Helvan Universities of Egyptian Arabian Republic. Hamdi Mahruz and Hani Assis –the professors from of Egyptian Arabian Republic who taught the Arabic language at NSU also presented scientific publications, videocassettes and periodicals on the Arabic language and literature, the history of Egypt to the library.

Ronie MacDonald, who taught English at NSU presented 300 books to the library. Moreover, Siiberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk State University, the Azerbaijani Diaspora in this province presented over 500 books and journals to this library.

“Library of Dean’s Office on Master level”
has been functioning since September, 2011. The library fund comprises about 700 books in different languages and on different specialties.