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Nakhchivan State University in Azerbaijan

    Nakhchivan State University has a specific place and role in the development of community life and in the economic-cultural progress in Nakhchivan which is one of the ancient scientific, cultural and social thought centers of Azerbaijan.

Nakhchivan State University began its activity as a Nakhchivan branch of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute in 1967. 102 students on 3 specialties were admitted to the Nakhchivan branch  of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute in 1967. At the Nakhchivan branch the first year academic staff composed only 3 teachers and two of them were candidates of sciences.

On July 12, 1972 Nakhchivan State Pedagogical Institute named after Yussif Mammadaliyev was established on the basis of Nakhchivan branch of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute. The opportunities of Nakhchivan State Pedagogical Institute was extended… and by the 29 December, 1990 decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan SSR it became Nakhchivan State University. In different years Nakhchivan State University was led by Ali Aliyev, a candidate of historical sciences, professor assistant, Safarali Babayev, a candidate of geographical sciences, professor assistant, Israfil Mammadov, Doctor of technical sciences, professor, Issak Mammadov, Doctor of historical sciences, professor, Gassim Husseynov. At present Nakhchivan State University is run by Issa Habibbayly, the True Member of ANSA.

Today at Nakhchivan State University in 10 departments over 5000 students get education in 52 specialties. At the university are trained highly qualified specialists in three levels (Bachelor, Master and Ph Doctor). At this university more than 200 students from 10 countries – Turkey, Russia, Germany, Iran, Southern Korea, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iraqi, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan continue their education.

The academic staff of 376 of Nakhchivan State University includes 2 academicians, 4 Corresponding Members of ANSA, 31 Doctors of Sciences and 202 Doctors on Philosophy. The university teachers having honorary titles, like Honored Scientist, Honored Teacher, People’s Artist, and Honored Artist worthily contribute our science, education and culture.

There are 10 teaching buildings, Electronic library, Conservatoire, university clinics, Olympia sports center, 2 Stadiums, Botany garden and Students’ House of modern style  on the territory of 108 hectares of Nakhchivan State University. For the first time in the Azerbaijan higher education system three-storeyed Social Service Center for academic staff and students and university.Guests’ House with internet service are exploited at Nakhchivan State University.

In the last years thanks to the great care of the independent Azerbaijan state the material-technical basis of Nakhchivan State University was rapidly developed and reconstructed fundamentally. Thus, according to the programme defined by the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan AR at Nakhchivan State University in 1999 a 5-storeyed teaching building of 1600 seats, in 2002 Medical Building and a hospital, in 2004 Electronic library, in 2006 a building of 700 seats for Social management –law and economy departments were built. Since 2007 the historical building for Architecture and Engineering department which was fundamentally reconstructed, Open Sports Base and Olympia Sports Center of modern style are at students’ disposal. A 5-storeyed Conservatoire building which was built in 2007, is not only a teaching building which has no alternative in the CIS countries and neighboring foreign countries, but also a real cultural center. The building of the International Relations and Foreign Languages department which was built in 2009, was equipped with the most modern information technologies. Students’ House and Social Service Center which were built in 2011 meet the requirements of modern period. A 5-storeyed building for Nature Science-Agriculture and Pedagogy departments which has been built this year and proves the state care for academic staff and students enables to manage education and do scientific researches in the contemporary level. Thus, in Nakhchivan a university campus of modern type has been formed which covers the area of 108 hectares and meets European standards.

At Nakhchivan State University special attention is paid to the study of international practice in education management. For many years the medical students of the university have been practicing in the hospitals of Izmit Kocaeli, Kayseri Erjiyaz, Erzurum Ataturk, Elazig Frat, and Kars Caucasus Universities of the Turkish Republic and Tabriz Medical University of the Iran Islam Republic. The teachers and students of the veterinary department collaborate with the veterinary departments of Kars Caucasus and Erzurum Ataturk universities in Turkey and Urmiya University in the Iran Islamic Republic. Relations of the Architecture and engineering department with the machine-tractor plants and architecture net in Tabriz, municipality and biology specialties with Merend city municipality and fishing institutions contribute significantly to the development of practical knowledge and improvement of teaching process. Summer production practice that our students have at Batumi State University named after Shota Rustaveli on botany, tourism and archaeology throws light on new opportunities of our relations in the regional plane. According to the agreement with Grates University of Austria the municipal and tourism students of Nakhchivan State University will work on probation in the province of Chtiriya from 2013.

At Nakhchivan State University special attention is attached to using information-communication technologies. There are 3 internet centers, “Geyret” (Honor) publishing house, Media Center, Television studio, “Fikir” (Thought) information bulletin and the newspaper “New thought” at the university. The highest Wi-Fi wireless campus internet has been used since 2010 at the university. Education-Registration Center related to the Bologna process is operating. 4 G newest mobile system the application of which is meant to start from May 2012 in our country has been tested at Nakhchivan State University for the first time and it is open for service at present. “Electron-Nakhchivan” program which has been implementing since 2005 at the university is accepted as one of the leading directions of electron movement in the Azerbaijan higher education system. Tense collaboration and joint activity of Nakhchivan State University professors and teachers with the Information Technologies Institute of Academy of Azerbaijan National Sciences in this field are of great use. “Electronic auditorium” at the Information Technologies Institute of ANSA plays a great role in the formation of virtual relationships of Azerbaijan scientists with Nakhchivan State University. It is already the second year that through “Electronic auditorium” at the Information Technologies Institute of ANSA online trainings in “Information science” have been conducted for the doctorates and dissertates of Nakhchivan State University and Nakhchivan Section of ANSA. The video-conferences and online trainings with Sias University of China People’s Republic, Leipzig University of Germany, Sweden Technology University, Portugal Applied Sciences Center, Siberia Section of Russian Academy of Sciences, Ankara, Erzurum, Kochaeli, Kars Universities of Turkey and Azerbaijan Languages University enable to imagine the place and opportunities of Nakhchivan State University in virtual area.  Joint video-conferences and video trainings with universities of our country and different countries of the world provide condition to study international practice in the field of education. Great use of information-communication technologies stimulates to the modernization of teaching process, more efficient organization of scientific-research works and development of international relationships at higher school.

Nakhchivan State University has become one the main scientific centers of Azerbaijan. A great group of scientists in the country work at Nakhchivan State University. This group at the university includes the well-known scientists who represent several generations of Azerbaijan science. Each of the true and corresponding members of ANSA, Doctors of Sciences of the academic staff of the university is accepted as a highly-qualified specialist in his field. The scientists who are the members of New York Academy of Sciences, International Informationalization Academy, International Tourism Academy, History, Language and Culture Organizations of Turkey represent our country and university worthily. At the Dissertation Council of the university which has been acting since 1997, the dissertations on Azerbaijan language and literature, world literature, pedagogy and studies of art are defended and new generation of Doctors of Sciences and Ph Doctors are trained. Nakhchivan State University is one the main scientific centers of our republic in the field of literature science, economy, information technologies, soil science, ecology, etc. Scientific-research laboratory “Developmental problems of the region”, “Ownership and Innovation Center”, “Simultaneous Interpreting Center” at the university enable available opportunities for development of higher school science in the region. The journal “Scientific works” which was included into the list of the Higher Attestation Commission and obtained international index is one of the widely-referred scientific publications. The scientific works of our scientists published not only in the Azerbaijan language, but also in the English, Russian, French, Turkish, Arabian, Persian, and Korean languages are welcomed in the international world. University scientists also actively attend international conferences. At the same time Nakhchivan State University also hosts some international conferences every year.

Nakhchivan State University has broad international relationships. The university has formed mutual wide relationships with higher schools of the USA, England, China, Japan, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Austria, Turkey, Iran, Egypt Arabian Republic, Pakistan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries. In general, at the university the collaboration agreements signed with 73 universities on 4 continents of the world provide integration to the world science and education.

The team “SIFE” of Nakhchivan State University represented higher schools of the Azerbaijan Republic as an Azerbaijan champion in Los-Angeles in the USA in 2010. And in 2011 the team attended world championship in Malaysia and held the third place in the competition of the group stage.

    Nakhchivan State University is the member of European Rectors’ Club, Asian Universities Association, Black Sea Sector Universities Union, Convention of Eurasian Silk Road Universities, International Tourism Academy and Caucasian Universities Union. The relationships with international organizations enable to get benefit from the world practice creatively in teaching process and organization of scientific-research works, as well as in administration at the university. The leading staff and professors and teachers of NSU closely participate in the seminars, conferences, congresses and competitions held by the higher schools and international societies. The First International Nakhchivan Youth Symposium held in 2011which covered Caucasian Universities Union with the participation of 18 higher schools students of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and Georgia was an important event for the history of higher education system in a new epochs. The attendance and reports at the First International Youth Symposium  by Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Vassif Talibov and Former Chairman of Higher Education Council of Turkish Government, professor-doctor Yussif Ziya Ozjan proves the fact that the states attach great significance to the further improvement of relationships in the present time.

At Nakhchivan State University in the 1999-2001 years a special project was implemented on the organization of International relationships within the program TEMPUS. At present the university is the participant of 5 international projects on TEMPUS program. Representation of Nakhchivan State University in the TEMPUS projects which cover ownership and innovation, translation and interpreting in English, modern management, tourism and medicine opens broad opportunities for the provision of mutual collaboration with 24 Eurasian universities the projects cover. International symposium on the topic “Application of innovations: development and modernization” held at Nakhchivan State University in November, 2011 with the participation of the universities of the TEMPUS project countries on ownership and innovation: Azerbaijan, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Uzbekistan demonstrate broad opportunities of our university. Moreover, at Nakhchivan State University in compliance with the Bologna process the projects on students exchange projects on the basis of Erasmus-Munds and Movlana programs have been implementing since 2012. Students exchange with Eastern Anatoly Universities of Turkey and Batumi State University of Georgia will begin from this academic year. In the nearest future our students will have chances to get education and to go through period of training at the Grates University of Austria and at higher schools of Lithuania. All of these steps contribute to the expansion of Bologna process at NSU. Frequent measures held in the direction of application of credit system, provision of students’ mobility, organization of summer schools and colloquiums, preparation of free works condition improvement of Bologna process in the university life.

Students Youth Organization, Students Scientific Society, NAP University Youth Organization, Students Trade Union, Students Tourism Association, Students Information Center, Students Law Enlightenment, Students Theatre and Opera Studios, chorus, vocal and dancing groups, Sports Club at Nakhchivan State University operate efficiently to provide comprehensive development of new generation youth. These organizations play an important role in the further development of creative researches, knowledge and skills, outlook and management skill of modern youth and in the rational organization of their free time at the university. Activity in the students’ organizations carries the function of a great management school for modern youth.

Visits of the national leader of our people Heidar Aliyev in 1974, 1992 and 1999 to Nakhchivan State University, his historical speeches made at the university, the recommendations and tasks given by him and his care for the university played a significant role in the development of higher education and science in the country and region, including Nakhchivan State University. Attendance and historical speech of the prominent statesman Heidar Aliyev at the 25th anniversary of Nakhchivan State University on 12 November, 1992 as the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan AR was the program for the Azerbaijan higher school of the independence period. The thoughts expressed 20 years ago keep their actuality and up-to-dateness today, too.

“Today Azerbaijan is a state which is able to create independent relationships with every country of the world as an independent state and to use these relationships for the future development of his country. From this viewpoint Nakhchivan State University is an independent higher school today. It has more favorable condition to develop all higher schools of Azerbaijan and at the same time, it has opportunities to have relations with higher schools and scientific centers of all countries of the world. It is very good that certain steps have already been taken in this field. Attendance of the statesmen and representatives of higher schools from Iran Islamic Republic and Turkish Government proves it. I can reassure you that the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan AR will support Nakhchivan State University  and create necessary condition in this field.

…After it the highly-educated specialists that you will train must have higher criteria. Today you must acquire the world practice, not the practice within the frame of former Soviet Union and use it rationally to be able to establish higher education by modern standards”.

The national leader Heidar Aliyev’s prescient speech at the international symposium “Organization of economic relationships and foreign trade in the condition of market economy” at Nakhchivan State University on 11 October, 1992 at, his attendance and historical speech in the opening ceremony of the university  teaching building of 1600 seats on 11 October, 1997, his congratulation letter addressed to the university staff on the 30th anniversary of this higher school as a head of the country on 27 October, 1997 are historical events in our country, in a wide sense, including in the life of Nakhchivan State University.

The attendance of Ilham Aliyev, President of the Azerbaijan Republic to the opening ceremony of Electronic Library at Nakhchivan State University on 4 May, 2004, the 31 March, 2007 decree on celebration of the 40th anniversary of the university by the President and his interesting speech in the anniversary celebration on 17 October, 2007 is a bright expression of state care for the development of higher school in the present time.

The words in the speech by the President Ilham Aliyev in the anniversary celebration express realities of higher school policy in the independence period: “I would like too patriotic, professional and educated young generation to grow in Azerbaijan so that they are able to contribute to the future development of our country. To achieve and provide it, of course, the level of teaching at higher schools should be high. Now we witness, material-technical basis of higher schools is becoming stronger and teaching programs meet world standards.

…Nakhchivan State University has its own share and labor in these works. I am glad that the university grows rapidly, great works are done here. The university also enjoys broad foreign relationships. I know that the university was able to establish good business relations with the leading universities of the world. Students from different countries get education here and it is an indicator in itself.  …Nakhchivan State University is of high influence in the world. The works to be done here, opening of new departments and future plans, of course, will enable the university to be one of the well-known universities not only in the region, but also in the world.”

Special attention paid by the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan AR, Vassif Talibov,  to enlightenment and university construction in his comprehensive activity stimulates the rapid progress of Nakhchivan State University. Higher school construction which has become one of the basic directions of this large-scale program resulted in the construction of a great university campus in Nakhchivan. The following thoughts expressed by the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan AR, Vassif Talibov is the value given to the current progress of the university and hopes for the future of this higher school: “There are a good basis and discipline at Nakhchivan State Unversity. University staff is patriotic and responsible. At the same time the Azerbaijan youth of this higher school feel the responsibility of future of the Autonomous Republic.”

Under the decree of June 12, 2002 by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Heidar Aliyev, Nakhchivan State University was given higher administration- autonomy status. Regular activity of ”Heidar Aliyev University “ which was established in 1997 and has had its 153 activities up today successfully serves the formation of modern youth in the spirit of national statehood, patriotism and political maturity.

Rich cultural environment has been formed at Nakhchivan State University. The operetta “Arshin Mal Alan” which was staged by the university students was successfully demonstrated on Samad Vurgun theatre stage in Baki, in Novosbirisk city of Russia, in Erzurum, Samsun, Kars, Ardahan and Trabzon Universities of Turkey and at Akhalsikhi University of Georgia. “Beyrek`s Fate” by Kamal Abdulla staged by the University Students Theatre Studio in 1999 was awarded prize in Dede Gorgud festival held in Bayburt City of Turkey. “My Mother`s Book” and “The Dead” by the Azerbaijan writer Jalil Mammadguluzade staged by the student actors of the university were successfully demonstrated in Baki and Nakhchivan cities. “The Strange Man” by the great Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet was also staged on the university stage in 2012. At present Students Theatre Studio works on the play “Chained Promotey” by Eskhil, the top of ancient dramaturgy. Yalli, vocal and dancing groups, folk instruments and camera orchestras of the university are known outside the university.

Fine art attracts attention of staff and students of the university. Paintings by the university teachers and talented students are successfully exhibited not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the international exhibitions in different countries of the world. There has already been formed paintings school specific for Nakhchivan State University. The football team of the University won the championship among higher schools and successfully represented Azerbaijan students football in the Ukraine and Poland in 2008-2010. The university volleyball team won the Caucasian championship 2 times. Badminton players won the championship among Azerbaijan universities 4 times.
Up today more than 30 thousand students graduated from Nakhchivan State University. There are statesmen of higher posts, deputies, military men of higher ranks and prominent scientists among them.

Nakhchivan State University was awarded the prize of “University of Millennium” by the European Rectors’ Club for its achievements in the field of science and education and for the improvement of international relationships.

The 25th, 30th and 40th anniversaries of Nakhchivan State University were celebrated at the state level. The 45th anniversary of the university is a new stage in the development of higher school. At the same time it is the next account rendered by the university staff and students in front of the community.

So Nakhchivan State University is a modern type of university with firm national basis and statehood-directed and integrated to the world. Nakhchivan State University which holds a specific place in the world unity and in the higher educational system, decisively continues its historical way to be renewed and develop.