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Fund of "Heidar Aliyev University Library"
Fund of Medical Library
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Fund of Master department
Fund of social sciences
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Fund of philological sciences
Fund of foreign literature
Fund of periodical press
Fund of dissertation and author's abstracts
Electronic information service hall
Depository fund

The reading hall and fund of social sciences hold 65 seats for readers. Here is placed 17 000 copies of literature. 12 000 copies out of them are in the Azerbaijan language, and 5 000 copies are in different languages. Every year the fund of the hall is enriched with new literature conforming to the surveys of the readers. This hall serves the students and teachers, scientific workers, who study and investigate the history, economy, law history, legislative basis and culture of the Azerbaijan, Russian and West European peoples.

The reading hall and fund of exact and technical sciences hold 65 seats for readers. In this hall there were placed about 13 000 literature published in different languages. Here were collected valuable books on nature and technical sciences, works by foreign travelers and scientists, "Great Soviet Encyclopedia" ("Bolshaya Sovetskaya Ensiklopediya") in 22 volumes, information book on inorganic chemistry by L.Gmelyn, "Social Sciences Encyclopedia" in 4 volumes, as well as, encyclopedias in the open shelves, dictionaries, bibliographic indicators, fresh papers and magazines.

The reading hall and fund of philological sciences hold 65 seats for readers. Here is kept 80 000 copies of literature. The fund of this hall is richer. Only in 2004-2011 years 20 000 copies new books in Latin script were bought and acquired in this hall. There has been installed collection of new publications of regional importance, and also ethnic, regional ethnography, individual and special collections in the hall.  The collections in the hall are rich in the interesting resources for those investigators who study the folklore, literature, and culture of Azerbaijan, as well as, all Caucasus and Russia. The personal book funds of the academician Mammad Jafar Jafarov and academician Issa Habibbayly are situated in this hall.

The reading hall and fund of foreign literature. The alphabetic and systematic catalogue of the books on the European and Eastern languages was established and 7000 copies of literature were placed. The fund is rich in the literature published from the XVII century till modern period. Moreover, new information indicators from different countries are kept in the exhibition in the hall and introduced to readers.

In the reading hall of the periodical press fund there were collected over 15 000 scientific, popular-scientific and literary-artistic press samples. The fund also owns about 5000 copies of journals, over 6000 copies of paper set, about 800 scientific-research works from different chairs, more than 500 abstract journals of the different universities of the former Soviet Union, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, Petersburg, Kazan and other universities, bulletins, encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographic indicator. Acquisition of libraries in time and getting electronic and periodical publications are also an important factor in the operation of the library. The library has subscribed to 65 newspapers and periodicals and 170 journals have been presented to the library.

The journal "Thought" ("Fikir"), the newspaper "New thought" ("Yeni fakir") and the journal "Scientific works" which are published at the university are among those periodicals which are read more regularly. The doctoral and candidacy dissertations, author's abstracts which play a very important role in the development of science have also been placed in this department. Here have been collected over 100 dissertations by the university workers, and alongside with NSU, more than 1000 authors' abstracts of the doctoral and candidacy dissertations whose defenses were held in different scientific centers of our republic.

Electronic information service hall. The library has been serving through INTERNET since May, 2004. The computer set of 21 placed in the hall, serves the university workers free of charge, at the same time, informs the readers about the application of information technology through the books. This department deals with the improvement and support of Web page of the library and also works for establishment of electronic catalogue and electronic library. It provides readers electronic scientific communications and information service through Internet. Along with electronic catalogue, it realizes the process of movement of the texts of the books to memory of computers. This department also prepares slides to make the activities and measurements held at the library more visual and more colorful. It also does a lot for transferring the library funds into electronic information carriers, agitating the latest achievements of the Azerbaijan science through INTERNET, meeting information demands of readers from global information arena.

Depository fund. The fund owns about 8000 publications which have preserved their scientific, historical and artistic importance, but are rarely used by the readers.