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Distance Education Center of Nakhchivan State University (hereinafter - the Center) organizes distance education of foreign students on paid basis.


The center operates under Nakhchivan State University. The center provides the necessary opportunities for the distance education of each person.


At the center along with bachelor and master degree programs, there are also educational programs on improvement of professional skill, further education and online courses.


Distance education graduates are awarded with diplomas (certificates) in two languages ( Azerbaijani and English). The Diploma Supplement (transcript) reflects the list of all subjects taught, the amount of their credits and the marks from the relevant exams.


The undergraduate study period is 3-4 years.


In the preparation of master's degree in distance education specialization is carried out, scientific research skills and habits are formed. Special attention is paid to the study of foreign languages. The term of study for the Master's degree is 1.5-2 years.


The term of study of the other forms of education covering distance education may vary within the time frame set by the program.


Reception of the documents will begin in January and the teaching process will start in February.


You can see Regulation on Distance Education Center in here .