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Information-Communication Technologies Center started to provide services within the university as Department of Information-Communication Technologies in 2009 and renamed to Information-Communication Technologies Center in 2015. The Information-Communication Technologies Center was established to provide the modern and reliable activity of the existing and future information structure of the university.

From the day of its establishment the department of ICT has done a lot at the university.

In 2009 local network covering the whole university was installed on the basis of “CISCO technologies”.  In each teaching building of the university wireless antennas were constructed. Wireless internet network was constructed in the 108 hectare campus of the university by means of Hotspots (Wi – Fi). At present the university has been provided with perfect high speedy internet.Among compuse buildings compuse network has been created through fiber optic cabels.

After provision with internet the university had HD quality video connections, telebridges with a number of foreign country universities. As a result, we have had close relations with foreign universities.

The official internet pages of Nakhchivan State University were established. All the changes in the university life were placed in the internet page. The internet page of the university is , the e-mail address is At the university all the resources of information technologies were registered.

A number of courses and seminars are held for improving the computer knowledge of the university staff. One of the main objectives of the department is to provide the security of the computers at the university and give technical service. In addition, the department serves to load different programs into computers, to design web pages, to do general designs, to install networks and high level security systems, to repair the servers, and to provide their security. Security cameras were installed in all the teaching buildings of the university. The departments, chairs and faculties of the university were provided with new information technologies within last years.
 Project of “Establishment of E-education system and multimedia infrastructure of arts for Nakhchivan State University“ preparation of which started in 2012 earned a legal status with Grant agreement signed between Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade  of Republic of Korea on 29 January 2013. In 2015 implementation of project completed and since than ICT center started its service. As summation of all this processes portal was put into use. Via internet portal AAS, E-exam, E-document approval system and E-mail services are carried out. In E-exam auditoriums and electron auditorium monitoring cameras are installed. Also departments and faculties of university are provided with 200 IP phones. For purpose of announcements, monitors are installed in each faculties.


About Information and Communication Technologies Center


This center consists of rooms for camera monitoring system, server and technical service. In camera monitoring room two computers and two monitors installed to monitor cameras. The center also contains storage server, DB server, AAS, Mail server, E-learning server, two web servers, IP phone server, DVR.

In server room switches and fire suppression systems installed and servers are joined to a generator and 30 kW UPS. Also center provided with finger-print systems.

Technical Service room is considered for maintenance and repair of equipment.   

Mission and vision:

Our mission is to provide support to the education and researches, fulfill the needs of the other information-operation services of our university perfectly by following the technology regularly.

Our vision is to rank among the first from the viewpoint of information infrastructure among the universities, user pleasure, the organized activities, service quality and quantity and to possess the quality and technology which can be compared with the information-operation centers of the authoritative universities of the world.


Director of the centre: Anar Qadir oglu Huseynov
Tel.: (+99436) 544-08-63
Head Engineer: Ali Miryasin oglu Eminov
Head Engineer: Remzi Hamid oghlu Mehdizade

Head Engineer: Rafig Gasim oghlu Hadjiyev

Programmer-engineer: Azize Samed gizi Nagisoy