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on the use of the program-apparatus (program – hardware) complex of Nakhchivan State University

General Provisions:

Computer, office technique and network equipments users must follow the current instruction. This instruction should be in every place work.

It is necessary for users

  1. to improve knowledge and skills to work with computers, office and net equipments
  2. to sign up for the system to use internet
  3. to save created and existing files in the  D drive
  4. to have backup copy of database and working files to local, network and optical disks.
  5. to communicate with the technology provider for helpful response when raising concerns
  6. user password and documents are required not to be disseminated           
  7. to fulfill the instructions of ICT department directed to the exploitation of the computers
  8. to fulfill the requirements of the authorized employee of ICT
  9. to keep out the installed equipment from external entities
  10. to create better condition for an authorized ICT employee for computer and equipment business

User’s Rights

  1. to use the computers, office techniques and network resources entrusted to him/her with established rules
  2. to apply ICT employee for help to be clearly informed about all system requirements for using software and hardware

The followings are prohibited

  1. to connect the unregistered computers to network
  2. to use the memory settings without checking them against antivirus and malicious programs
  3. to print dirty and non-standard blanks
  4. to write, rewrite, change, make modifications and delete the programs without permission
  5. to use unnecessary programs to fulfill the service obligation without permission of ICT department
  6. not to disseminate or promote to dissemination of  information insulting the honor and dignity of citizens through network
  7. to work with resources that can cause overloading channels without permission of ICT department
  8. to offer opportunities to external entities  for using computers,   office techniques entrusted to the user (excluding employees of ICT department
  9. to change operation systems and programs affecting the work of the computer, the settings of the network and network resources without permission (excluding printer and desktop settings)
  10. to save documents in the desktop, system folders or root folder
  11. to take the settings belonging to the section while transferring to the other official work place
  12. to make an effort to use settings and illegal access  to users’ computers in the network  in the network illegally and to make an effort to use the settings
  13. not to use software and hardware services for other purposes
  14. not to use the internet and mail service for other purposes
  15. to open and use e-mail combined files (*pif, *bat, *exe, *com, doc, *xls) without  reliability of the source
  16. to leave computers with opened folders without activating the screen block
  17. To dismantle, open and part into pieces the computer, printer, scanner,  network and other peripherial installations (settings)
  18. No food is permitted near computer terminals
  19. to connect the settings delivering information (modem, mobile phone, access point, data card etc.) to the computer
  20. to coordinate computers, printers, scanners, notebooks, network installations (or devices) with one another willfully.
  21. to involve external entities for rendering service to the computers and other settings without permission of ICT department
  22. to place paper and other things on the devices and cover them


  1. A user bears responsibility for deleting  the saved information, for disordering and damaging the computer system or the work of the network
  2. Users who violate current instructions will have restrictions to use computer system under the decision of authority by ICT department.

Security at the end of the work:

  1. to disconnect the computer and devices from the electricity at the end of the working day.
  2. to give information to the department of ICT on the disorders registered during the working hours.