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The Nakhchivan State University, a prominent ophthalmologist, academician of the Scholar's scientific conference devoted to 92-year term. Opening the conference, organized by the Faculty of Medicine, the university rector, correspondence member of ANAS Saleh Mammadov the health of Azerbaijan Zarifa Aliyeva, spoke about the development of ophthalmology. The rector noted that each of the women, which is an example of her mother, she was brought up in a prominent scientist at Aziz Aliyev, national leader, a world-famous political figure Haydar Aliyev's spouse, confidant, and worthy successor to the great leader, The President Ilham Aliyev paid as a political figure. Dedicated doctor, a noble man, a prominent public figure, patriotic intellectuals, who blessed her memories will never be forgotten figure.

Ph.D on Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Gultakin Aliyeva "The Academician Zarifa Alieva life and scientific-pedagogical activity," the report said, adding that she a professional doctor and researcher in of Azerbaijan Scientific-Research Institute of Ophthalmology, Eye Doctors Improvement Institute named after A.Aliyev docent of chair medicine, professor, eyesight professional pathology laboratory, served as head of the department of ophthalmology. Zarifa Aliyeva "state of the vision of a number of chemical workers' scientific innovation in the field of scientific research oftolmologiya. Highly skilled health personnel who are great role in preparing the scientists of the Presidium of the All-Union Society of Ophthalmologists, the Soviet Peace Protection Committee, of Azerbaijan Board of Ophthalmology, "Vestnik of Ophthalmology" (Moscow) as well as a member of the editorial board of the Journal of worked. Ophthalmologist for successes in the field of professional pathology of the vision for the first time among women in the highest award - the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences has been awarded named after M.I.Averbakh. The renowned scientist "Therapeutic ophthalmology", "Fundamentals of iridodiagnosis " as one of the authors of unique scientific publications, 12 monographs, textbooks and manuals, about 150 scientific papers, 12 inventions and rationalization proposals 1. Z.Aliyeva orders and medals, was awarded the honorary scientific as high.

At the conference II year student on specialty Medical Prophylactics Rafiga Zeynalova "inexhaustible treasure of ophthalmology in Azerbaijan", I year student on specialty General Medicine Banovsha Qasımova "the embodiment of dignity, who gives light to the people," reports the well-known scientist in various fields of ophthalmology and his role in the diversification as a science, medicine, and social work, spoke about the high moral values.

At the conference the academic Z.Aliyeva’s life and work of demonstrated that reflects the slide.