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The University of Haydar Aliyev under the high school, "Haydar Aliyev and independent state building in Azerbaijan" was the 192th meeting at the Nakhchivan State University. The National leader Haydar Aliyev's 92 th anniversary of the event was opened by the rector, correspondence member of ANAS Saleh Maharramov opened the extraordinary talented, deep intelligence and analytical thinking of his difficult and responsible, but glorious life Path, spoke about political activity. It was noted that the development countryof the modern the Republic of Azerbaijan the president Ilham Aliyev, economic, political and military power and international influence of the ideas of Haydar Aliyev has succeeded in continue with determination. The national leader's life and activities, study and promotion of the political legacy of the youth should be the primary purpose.

The vice-rector for Education the University, Ph.D, professor, teacher, Mammad Rzayev said that a detailed report on the subject, in the second half of the XX century, social and political environment of the past Soviet Union and Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev has grown a great man, a wise politician famous skillful political leader, powerful military leader. He was headed of the political system, not only the years of independence, such as the Republic of Azerbaijan rise of the totalitarian soviet regime, the nation's moral-cultural development has been achieved. The genius of his life, with all of the modern political and public activity, has spent the development and strengthening of national statehood. The only person in the history of Haydar Aliyev of Azerbaijan - is guided that the state, such as the past Soviet Union rise to the top of the political leadership and outstanding and practical activities that have a major impact exerted by the world renowned leader. As the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan to protect the territorial integrity and autonomy, becoming a legal entity, independent from Azerbaijan, Haydar Aliyev played an important role in the social-economic development, the creation of social stability in the country, the formation of a national ideology, unparalleled influence in determining the far-sighted and balanced foreign policy. The national leader of the modern Azerbaijani history as an outstanding statesman and political figure wrote the gorgeous pages.