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The University of Haydar Aliyev in the Nakhchivan State University, 198 was held in the meeting. “Starting on progress, the rise and renaissance of the day” on theme opening the event the rector, correspondence member of ANAS Saleh Maharramov noted, the national leader Haydar Aliyev of the totalitarian Soviet regime, as well as it was in power during the years of independence, unique services to the Azerbaijani people. It was noted that on July 14, 1969, Heydar Aliyev was elected the first secretary of the Communist Party of the former Soviet Union embarked on the path of development in this republic, which is in recession. In a short time agrarian country into an industrial country at Azerbaijan. Here are some was established important industrial enterprises of the alliance, the material welfare of population improved, opened new jobs. History of Azerbaijan, protection and promotion of culture, gain status in Azerbaijan the official language, national science and education, important works were done in the development of public health.

Prorector for educational issues, Ph. D, Mammad Rzayev detailed report on the subject during the years of soviet power in the independent future of the national leader who spoke of targeted policies. The opening of new secondary and higher specialty schools, science and education, care and aid workers, to organize young people access to higher education at the expense of the other republics of in Azerbaijan, has made progress in education. The leading ally of the USSR republic has become in Azerbaijan, its potential of strong economic, the base of intellectual has been created. The national leader in the development of the national thinking and the level of consciousness, the native language, history and literature played an important role in promoting the formation of the national ideology. The national leader of committees during international diplomacy and political action is school in both written in golden letters. It is no coincidence that today's in Azerbaijan on this strong foundation, the national leader to continue faithfully in the way of the ideas advanced in the world, with an international reputation, the country has become a progressive.

Prorector for scientific issues, Ph. D, Mubariz Nuriyev said that, the national leader Heydar Aliyev of Azerbaijan at the end of the last century, 60 years after the election of the country the economic and political successes.