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At the Nakhchivan State University "Electronic Nakhchivan -11: System of electronic education of realities and prospects" was held an international conference.

The conference was opened by the rector of Nakhchivan State University, correspondence member of ANAS Saleh Maharramov noted that globalization and integration The Azerbaijani national leader Haydar Aliyev in the application of modern technology in accordance with the policy is successfully continued by The President of Azerbaijan His Excellency Mr. Ilham Aliyev. The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Mr. Vasif Talibov of Nakhchivan State University special thanks to the support of the important work has been done in this direction. At present, more than 40 electronic board at the university, 750 computers, 65 projectors, 15 electronic platform with teachers and students is available. The University's international relations and cooperation in the development of a virtual international videoconferencing and online lessons a significant positive impact on the quality of education. Nakhchivan State University was founded in 2005 by the traditional "Electronic Nakhchivan" project of the within a decade with the latest innovations in science and application of modern information technology in education, higher education and the establishment of international standards, excellent results in the field of international education network represented in membership.

Then, prepared by the University of Television "Electronic Nakhchivan" the film was shown about the work done on the project.

During a videoconference with the Institute of Literature of ANAS Institute, vice-president, " Electronic Nakhchivan" project mainly one of the founders of the XXI century the century of information by academician Isa Habibbayli integrated into the world of modern technology, the development of a comprehensive and dynamic society, important role in the formation, the Institute of Literature about the level of information and communication technologies. Academician Isa Habibbayli ANAS, the Institute of Literature, especially in close cooperation with Nakhchivan State University spoke about the directions of further development of scientific cooperation, recalling that. It was noted that university employees ANAS's scientific articles in scientific publications on a regular basis. "The literary centers in Azerbaijan" a new project and other joint events planned further expansion of cooperation.  

The deputy dean of the Nakhchivan State University for foreign students Huseyn Gasimov   "Electronic education system in the past and the future at the Nakhchivan State University" a lecture on the modern information and communication technologies spoke about the successful application of this higher education institution. In 2012 the university speaking about the activities of the Department of Electronic education, only the first course for the first time as a whole are subject to certain subjects are now applied to the electronic exam. In order to be fully transparent and objective examinations of Information and Communication Technology Center, camera-control system and 240 skilled employees over the years, a variety of electronic exams, the university has participated as supervisor. Student registration system was put into operation in 2013-2014 academic year, as a result, this system provides each student's individual passwords that earned during the semester and the examination results of students in the sessions, e-mail archiving server, the data is useful in achieving a more efficient and accurately. The university installed "Policam" with the help of the camera system of the university, as well as operating in the autonomous republic doctoral and dissertant research and higher education institutions by the Institute of Information Technologies of the National Academy of Sciences online computer lessons, doctoral and dissertant in computer science electronic test exam are subject to a minimum.

During a videoconference with the professor of University of Montpellier in France, the European Union Erasmus + program carried out under the "Nizami" project chief coordinator Veronica Montero told the conference participants about the project. It was noted that the total value of euro 994056.0the project aims to adapt to the European Union standards of education doctorate degree. Veronica Montero Baku State University, Azerbaijan University of Languages, Azerbaijan Technical University, Qafqaz and Khazar Universities as well as represented at of the Nakhchivan State University  the work done under the project, spoke about the next steps.

The head of the Nakhchivan State University Library Fariz Ahmadov, "Electron library's role in the modern education system" named report noted that Characteristic of the different types of technologies in the areas of development in XXI century, the type and content of the documents, which involves the development of electronic information carriers, systematization and occupies an important place in the protection and use of remote network mode. Continuous digital libraries in traditional libraries, unlimited, unlimited number of readers pointed out the advantages to serve as speaker of the autonomous republic and the creation of electronic libraries and electronic information provision in the spotlight. Nakhchivan State University's library has been operating since 1968, currently specializing in different fields of science, 4 branches, 10 and 9, the stock has a reading room. The library fund literature in more than 30 languages and more than 160 are stored. The library serves 15 thousand readers of the libraries, as well as 35 universities in 20 countries to exchange information that  benefiting from international experience and a high level of library service to readers is proof for the visually represent. The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with the initiative and care of the renovated building of the library in 2013 was created the electronic library.  A reading room with 20 units, 10 units for the location of the working computer, a server, a secured large-scale scanner, electronic catalog kiosk, conference room, electronic signage, 1 laptop computer installed. Since 2013 electronic library, PROLIB automated management system that was introduced here organization of electronic library, electronic catalog and the electronic version of books and so on included. Electronic Library site has been developed for continuous reading.

The reports were published regarding the slides.