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The Flag day was held at Nakhchivan State University. The rector and professor of the university Saleh Maharramov noticed that the state flag of Azerbaijan Republic is a symbol of independence, national pride and honor. It was noted that the state flag of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was approved as the national flag on 17 November 1990, under the leadership of the great leader Heydar Aliyev in Nakhchivan Supreme Soviet session, the decision was adopted about the raising the national flag of Azerbaijan in front of the Supreme Soviet. The tricolor flag of the Azerbaijan Republic was declared the official attribute in 1991. The rector congratulated the staff on the Flag day and expressed his desire about the flag waving in the liberated territories of our country. The assistant professor of Azerbaijani history department, on history Khazar Huseynov spoke about the statehood history of our country, the establishment, elements and decisions accepted about the state flag of the Azerbaijan Republic in his report "the national flag is the sacred symbol of our independence and belongings", and he gave information about the establishment of National Flag Square and museums in Baku, Nakhchivan, the capital of the NAR and other regions. It was noted that the tricolor flag (adopted on November 9, 1918 in the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan) adopted in Nakhchivan on  November 17, 1990 as the national flag of the autonomous republic for the second time. According to the order  “About the state flag of NAR” by the chairman of Supreme Assembly of NAR (dated on 17 november 2014), celebrating this day as the state Flag day of NAR confirms the importance of statehood history. Today the Azerbaijani flag ( the world's largest flag)  is waving as a symbol of sovereignty and independence in most prominent place of the the capital Baku. This flag will always be considered holy as the source of pride and honor of our nation!

The event was ended with the literary composition prepared under the leadership of Gulkhara Akhmedova, the honored culture worker of Azerbaijan Republic, the Student Theatre Studio of the university.

The Flag day was celebrated with the events of various faculties of NSU.