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The Cultural Attache of the Embassy of  Egypt Arab Republic in Azerbaijan, the head of the Egyptian Cultural and Educational Relations Center Ahmed Sami Elaydi visited NSU.

During the visit, the guest was at the Center of Information-Communication Technologies and watched  the process managing of modern electronic educational network. Then the guest was informed about the Media Center of the university, the university television, “Nuhchikhan ” radio and the Press Department. Ahmed Sami Elaydi was acquainted with the scientific library of the educational institution.

During the visit, a meeting was held with the teachers and students of Arabic specialties of International Relations and Foreign Languages faculty.

The vice-rector for Academic Affairs of the university, assistant-professor Seyid Sure informed the participants about the guest and noted that Ahmed Sami Elaydi was graduated from the literature faculty of Ain-Shams University of Egypt. He worked at the department of Turkish language and Literature of the university. From 1998, The Azerbaijani language was teached at the department and he started to learn the language as the first specialist. He was graduated from the Turkish language Department of Eastern Languages of Ain-Shams University in 2000, he got the degree of having the master thesis about “The Qacag Nabi epic and Russian-Azerbaijan conflict in the second half of the nineteenth century” in the Turkish language Department of the university in 2006, the thesis about “ The Azerbaijani novel of the independence period: Subject, Problematical and Labor issues”. Approximately, he investigated the creativity of 30-35 Azerbaijani writers, taught more than 100 students the Azerbaijani language.

The vice-rector also spoke about the international relations of educational institution, the projects implemented under the international cooperation programs. It was noted that the university partnering with more than 80 well-known other universities, is represented in a number of international projects.

Expressing his gratitude for the invitation and warm reception Ahmed Sami Elaydi gave detailed information about Ain-Shams University. The cultural Attache of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Azerbaijan is interested in strengthening of mutual exchange of teachers-students and he said that they will do the best in this direction. Ahmed Sami Elaydi answered the students` questions.