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The students of International Relations and Foreign Languages faculty visited the house museum of the outstanding thinker of Azerbaijan, a poet, philosopher and playwright Hussein Javid. The guide of the museum  Farida  Aliyeva greeted the students and gave information about the museum. For promoting and perpetuating the rich legacy, the life and activity of the philosopher, poet and playwright Hussein Javid, according to the decision about “Hussein Javid`s 100 anniversary” accepted under the leadership of the national leader Heydar Aliyev by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, the house museum was established with the decision “No.160” , dated on July 10, 1995 by the Cabinet of Ministers. On the 120th anniversary of Hussein Javid, with the participation of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, the house museum of Hussein Javid`s opening ceremony was held on October 24, 2002. The employee of the museum gave information to the students about the 4 exhibition halls which are equal to 245 m2, different things belonging to the playwright and his family members, 4000 exhibits in the major fund, more than 600 exhibits in the exhibition, households and clothing items, the published books of Hussein Javid, the stage works, programs, posters, photographs, the tomb of Hussein Javid in Nakhchivan and the works of art dedicated to the poet.

One of the museum`s rooms is called as the “mourning room ” under the repression. The paintings “Qara yazi” (O.Sadigzadeh), and  “Zordan ustun” (V.Ujatay)  reflect the hard situations of Hussein Javid and the writers who were the victims of repression.

In the other room of the museum the corners belonging to the son Artogrul Javid and the daughter Turan Javid of the playwright are open to the museum visitors. The manuscripts of his music works, books, paintings, gramophone records, letters and other documents are shown in the corner belonging to Artogrul Javid.

Then the students also visited the tomb of Hussein Javid. Farida Aliyeva gave information about the tomb. The complex was built under the auspices of the national leader Heydar Aliyev`s personal initiative. The graves of Hussein Javid`s wife Mishkinaz, his son Artogrul Javid and daughter Turan Javid are in the vault of the tomb. The graves of his wife and son were moved here in 1996 while the vault was being built, Turan Javid was buried next to family members after the death.