Administrative Staff of NSU International School

    • Bayram Aliyev is the acting principal at NSU International School. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and management in the service industry, with a focus on education management. He then completed his master’s degree in the interdisciplinary program Roads to Democracy(ies) at the University of Siegen in Germany, with a particular emphasis on the role of education in national welfare. Other than that, he holds a CELTA (Pass B) certificate. He is also the general coordinator for the IELTS official testing and registration center at Nakhchivan State University, which was established in partnership with the British Council.


    Nazim Rahimov is the vice principal at NSU International School. He is also in charge of financial issues. He earned his BSC in Mathematics and Informatics from Nakhchivan University. He has teaching experience at several Nakhchivan-based schools. Also he had worked as a principal in school no. 9 and 12 in Nakhchivan. Before joining our team, he was the principal of Chemistry-biology lyceum in Nakhchivan.



Zubeyda Zeynalova is the academic coordinator for NSU International School. Currently, she continuously evaluates teachers’ performance in our preparatory courses and reports to the principal. Ms. Zeynalova holds a BA in ELT and an MA in Translation. She completed several trainings with the British Council and TESOL programs. She has an IELTS score of 7.5. She has teaching and administrative experience at the education center operating under IELTS testing and registration center at Nakhchivan State University.